Credit: ABC, Tammie Arroyo/JPI, Jill Johnson/JPI, Priscilla Grant/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Their off-screen romances are by and large a whole lot happier and healthier than their on-screen ones.

If you wanted tips on how to implode a relationship in three easy steps, you might turn for guidance to a soap character. If there’s one thing they’re as good at as getting into steamy affairs, it’s getting back out of them in dramatic fashion.

Doppelgängers and baby swaps not included. Well, not necessarily included, anyway.

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But if you wanted advice on how to keep love not only alive but thriving, you’d more sensibly turn your gaze in the direction of soap actors, who have an uncanny ability to build relationships that are not only structurally sound, they’re as romantic as anything a daytime scribe could pen.

“But how?” you ask. “How do they do it?”

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Let’s find out via the below photo gallery, why don’t we? In it, we’ve compiled tips for keeping a relationship ship-shape based on advice given to us from the stars and/or insights that we’ve managed to glean from their social-media accounts. Among the General Hospital, Young & Restless, Days of Our Lives and Bold & Beautiful actors’ suggestions are paying attention to “we” time, allowing one’s partner to grow and evolve, stopping for frequent busses, not being afraid to…

Hey, what are we doing? You don’t want to read a list of exactly the tips that you’re about to find out from the story, do you? Click on the photo gallery below, and away you go.