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Reflect with us, won’t you, on all the times our soaps, daytime and primetime, gave us pause the week of November 12.

Like you, we watch a lot of television… both daytime and primetime. And like you, we wind up walking away with an awful lot of questions. And so, inspired by our sister site TVLine’s weekly roundup of things that make them go “Hmmm,” we’re offering up our own list. From the devil’s fashion faux paux on Days of Our Lives to a baffling Station 19 decision and everything in between, here’s what had us scratching our heads over the past week!

• How disappointing was it that General Hospital‘s Robert seemed to shut the door on the possibility of a romance with Olivia even as he downplayed his own superhero status?

• What was the point of the storyline surrounding the death of Amanda’s dad on The Young and the Restless? There was no actual payoff, and the show wasn’t even invested enough in the trial to show us anything more than a few recreated flashbacks. Then again, maybe we should be grateful that we didn’t have to sit through the entire trial!

• Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Station 19 to just send Dean to Oakland to write him off — you know, in case Okieriete Onaodowan decided in a coupla years he wanted to come back?

• If Kristen was really supposed to seduce Days of Our Lives’ John, shouldn’t she have appeared in something other than a turtleneck and blazer? Sure, she looked great, but that’s not exactly the kinda outfit that’s going to get a guy’s engine revving!

Eileen Davidson appears on Days

Above: Does John have a fetish of which we’re unaware?

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• Do this year’s batch of Project Runway designers seem sort of… meh? So far, none have really dazzled us the way such past contenders as Seth Aaron Henderson, Austin Scarlett or current mentor Christian Siriano.

• Why in the world would Bold & Beautiful‘s Jack meet with Sheila at Il Giodano? It’s constantly referenced as being close to Forrester Creations, so it was reasonable to assume that one of the very people he was trying to hide their connection from might swing by for lunch.

Sheila, Jack Il Giardino B&B

Above: “Wait, you want me to pick up the check? I figured as a former waitress, you’d get a discount!”

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• Why did General Hospital‘s Scott just happen to have a condom available to hand off to Cameron? Is he out trolling for women while his girlfriend is being held captive?

• In what universe did Queens‘ Valeria think it was kosher for her to tell Jeff’s mistress about his death? And did this week’s opening scenes, in which Brianna dealt with the aftermath of the tragedy — including having to ask Google who you call when a love one dies — leave you realizing just how unprepared you’d be under similar circumstances?

• Exactly how many boxes of Hamburger Helper did Yellowstone‘s Beth make? When she was dishing it out to Rip and their new ward, she did so from a pan that seemed to contain enough for about 10 people.

Yellowstone beth rip carter dinner

Above: “Eat up, kid. There’s plenty more where that came from!”

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• Speaking of Yellowstone, shouldn’t someone check on Tate? The kid blew someone away at the top of the hour and hasn’t been seen since. Did Monica whisk him off for some (much needed) intensive therapy?

• When Bold & Beautiful‘s Hope suggested that her mom had to have had feelings for Deacon in the past “for your love to have created me,” did you just want to sit her down and explain that love and sex are two completely different things?

• How mean was it for Days of Our Lives to tease Chloe/Brady fans with a promo saying “forbidden passion ignites” only to reveal that the pair’s conference table sex was nothing more than Brady’s fantasy? And what, exactly, is it about that particular piece of furniture that’s such a turn on that first Nicole and Rafe got busy atop it, and then it played a key role in Brady’s fantasy? Are the cleaning ladies wiping it down with Spanish Fly?

• How is it that even before finding that oh-so-convenient wardrobe truck which will allow for a few much-needed costume changes, the folks on La Brea — who fell through a sinkhole in downtown Los Angeles — were all wearing jackets and coats more suited to East Coast residents?

la brea natalie zea NBC screenshot

Above: “My mother always taught me you can take layers off easier than you can add them on after you’ve left the house!”

Credit: NBC screenshot

• We get that General Hospital‘s Portia was concerned about her friend, but didn’t it seem weirdly inappropriate for her to plop herself down at Elizabeth’s table while Finn was getting a drink and point out that it “takes some getting used to, being out without Franco and with Finn instead.”

• We’re cutting Young & Restless‘ Mariah some slack because of what she’s been through and how it bonded her to Dominic, but Devon came off as insensitive as he talked about possibly removing the baby from Abby’s home. Sure, he’s worried about how her grief would impact the child, but wouldn’t that simply be compounding her loss? Also, Abby’s rich (as ispretty much everyone in her circle). Why don’t they just hire a nanny to help her through this difficult period?

Something tells us you’ve got questions of your own, whether with regard to this week’s soaps or some of the other programs you watch. Hit the comments to share your thoughts, then — as Young & Restless’ Abby continues to mourn a husband we all know isn’t really dead, join us in flashing back to 10 couples who saw their new marriages torn asunder almost immediately after they said “I do.”