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The last episode left us worried for “Stellaride” for more reasons than one.

Chicago Fire fans of Stella Kidd were dismayed to discover the character still wasn’t back from Boston on last night’s eight episode. Even worse, Severide hadn’t heard from her and was definitely wondering what was going on with his fiancée…

Kidd, of course, is off seeing to her baby, aka, the Girls on Fire program, which gives young women a first look at a career in firefighting. It’s a big deal for the character, but that doesn’t exactly explain why she’s not responding to her fiancé. Severide was concerned, which means we were concerned. The very obvious question being, “Has something happened to Stella… or is she just avoiding Kelly?!”

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We know Kidd is returning. In fact, her portrayer, Miranda Rae Mayo, actually took to social media to promise, “Best believe she is coming back with a bang.”

“Coming back with a bang” is a spoiler-ish statement to be sure, and one that can be taken in several ways. There could be an explosion, Stella could be walking back into Firehouse 51 to make a huge and impactful announcement, such as ending her engagement or declaring that she’s moving away just like Casey, or it may be that she returns and, ahem, makes up for lost time in the bedroom with Severide.

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The November 10th episode left us worried for Stella and Severide’s relationship, not only because of Kidd’s absence (and radio silence) but because arson investigator Wendy Seager was back in the picture practically drooling over Kelly (and we know nothing happens without a reason). But it’s unlikely the couple is going to spontaneously combust. In fact, in a wink to our sister site TV Line, showrunner Derek Haas teased of the upcoming holiday episode, “Episode 9 is going to make the Hallmark Channel jealous of our holiday episode.”

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So, we’d say that’s good news for “Stellaride” fans, as is sounds as though there will be oodles of romance. The bad news? Chicago Fire will not be seen for the next three weeks as the holiday episode airs December 8, which will also serve as its fall finale. That’s it, we’re putting more Chicago Fire on our Santa list!

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What do you think is going on with Stella in Boston? Share your take with us in the comment section below, but first, take a gander at soap stars who made it big in primetime in the photo gallery below.