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Will Fox’s The Big Leap and Our Kind of People survive a long hibernation?

With fall rapidly coming to a close and winter just about upon us, TVLine is reporting that two soapy primetime shows are about to go on life-support. Fox’s The Big Leap and Our Kind of People will be wrapping up their freshman runs this autumn, with no additional episodes ordered for the spring.

That doesn’t mean that either or both shows are necessarily getting the axe — the final decision likely won’t be made until sometime in the new year — but it’s not looking good. Generally speaking, new shows need to be able to pick up some momentum to gain a decent enough following to survive, and putting a gigantic gap in between seasons pretty much puts the breaks on that momentum.

With that said, sources tell TVLine that neither show was ever intended to continue with full-season orders, and only limited fall runs were planned. The Cleaning Lady will take over The Big Leap’s spot in Januray, while the soapy country music drama Monarch (which we’re already excited about thanks to that trailer) is taking over Our Kind of People’s slot in February.

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The Big Leap, a musical dramedy about a group of dancers competing in a reality show to win a spot in a performance of Swan Lake, is adapted from the British reality show The Big Ballet with the same premise. The extra-soapy Our Kind of People, on the other hand, follows a single mom played by All My Children vet Yaya Dacosta (Cassandra) as she digs into her family and finds a dark secret in her mother’s past.

Though wildly different in tone and substance, both serialized dramas have struggled to find their audiences on Fox. Their ratings have left them languishing in the last two places at the network… and at the top of Fox’s likely cancellation list.

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