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“One of my favorite times…”

As the World Turns fan favorite and Daytime Emmy Award winner Martha Byrne recently caught up with her fans on Twitter during a Q&A session and answered burning questions surrounding her time playing Lily Snyder on the CBS soap. From who she enjoyed working with to backstage shenanigans, to fun stuff in between, let’s get to it!

One question that many fans have likely asked over the years, and still want to know: What was her favorite Lily/Holden moment? Byrne shared, “When we first met. He was a legend.”

Having played the role for 24 years, as well as Lily’s sister Rose, Byrne admitted that she has many great memories from the show and was “very fortunate to have grown up there and the support of the fans was just so humbling.”

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Speaking of Rose, one fan loved when she played Lily’s twin, to which Byrne recalled, “Poor dead Rose! She should pop in somewhere.”

Then there was the Oakdale pond. Just watching those scenes made another fan want a pond of her own! “We first filmed at a real pond in Connecticut… that was chilly,” Byrne shared. “Then the indoor one was an above ground pool surrounded by sod.” She talked about how challenging it was when Lily almost drowned after Rose died.

And how about when Lily found out she was adopted? “I had so many mothers,” she replied to a fan who always loved the scenes when the actors were thrown together.

But Lily lived on and was involved in many storylines with various actors and enjoyed working with “Liz Hubbard [Lucinda], Lisa Brown [Iva ]… I loved working with everyone I was so lucky but Kat Widdoes (Emma) was so crazy fun!” As for Jon Hensley, who played Holden, she stated, “Haven’t spoken to him in a long time! He moved to Illinois. I’d love to do a reunion.”

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We’ll always remember the farm scenes as well, to which the actress revealed, “We wrote notes on the wall going up the stairs to nowhere.”

Though Byrne left As the World Turns in 2008, the following year she turned up on General Hospital as Andrea Floyd, so inquiring minds want to know… Would she ever return to soaps or primetime? “I always say if the phone rings I’ll pick it up.”

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So, what keeps her busy these days? More to the point, what’s her favorite non-acting thing to do? “I love to write,” she revealed. “And my kids are growing up so I try to spend as much time with them as I mostly work from home at my current job.”

And guess what? We will be able to see some of her work in the future since she is currently producing a Hallmark movie!

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She closed out the virtual event with photo displaying “one of my favorite times on As the World Turns.

It was so nice catching up with Byrne and we would love to hear what some of the other stars from the CBS soap have been up to. How about you? Take a look through our gallery filled with photos of As the World Turns memories throughout the years then leave us a comment below on who was your favorite character and which actor you’d like to hear from next.

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