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Decisions and announcements are made while personal risks are taken.

Last Sunday, everyone worried when Mick’s plane went missing on Chesapeake Shores and in the October 17, 8 pm, season finale episode titled “That Old Feeling,” the O’Brien patriarch and his former wife Megan have a big announcement to make…

After almost losing his life in a plane crash, Mick had asked Megan to travel the world with him and she agreed. How will the kids react to their parents getting back together and making another go of their relationship after so much heartache? Plus, a tempting career opportunity could take Megan to California should she accept.

mick and megan have an announcement to make Chesapeake shores hallmark

Plus, Abby is stunned to see Evan waiting for her at the airport upon her return from a business trip. Will he finally admit his true feelings and ask Abby on that date he talked to Mick about? If she accepts, where does Jay fit into the mix, especially after he admits his feelings for her as well? Viewers will get to find out since Abby makes a decision and leaves a message to let the lucky guy know, “Maybe we should give us a try.”

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Speaking of romance, it appears that Connor and his new employee Margaret are becoming closer. We’re not surprised, given that there has been a spark between them since meeting at their previous law firm. However, Connor will have to focus on his new practice — and his first case — when he comes to Luke’s defense despite a personal risk.

And what about David and that mysterious phone call he received from his father? He finally discovers what his father’s frantically out-of-character call really meant. But that’s not all… Jess has to face the consequences of an emotional email she sent in the middle of the night.

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