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A family is in turmoil over their loved one’s whereabouts.

In the previous Chesapeake Shores Bree learned about Luke’s past and in Sunday’s, October 10, 8 pm, episode titled “What a Difference a Day Makes,” the O’Briens receive some unsettling news about Mick.

When the family learns that Mick made a distress call before his plane went missing, the O’Briens must pull together as they wait for news about their loved one’s whereabouts. Though Evan starts to bond with Abby’s family, his attempts at generosity end up backfiring.

Connor feels the strain of running his own business and is in desperate need of an assistant. As he begins the search for a new employee — one that will help make his life easier — Connor receives support from an unexpected source.

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Speaking of Connor… that’s exactly who Bree turns to when Luke finds himself in a bad position with his parole officer. Can her brother provide Luke with the legal help he needs?

bree asks connor for help with luke Chesapeake shores hallmark

And their brother Kevin does his best to help Sarah when it comes to her new cravings. Will the couple finally decide the right time to share their news with the family?

Then there’s Megan, who gets lost in a personal battle when recent events have her contemplating the future. However, she’ll have to put her inner struggles aside as the day of the art show she put together arrives.

While it seems David’s in-laws have their hands full, he does as well — after receiving a disturbing warning from his father!

Get a sneak peek at what’s to come in the preview.

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