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It’s all about keeping things hush-hush this week but sometimes, that’s just not possible.

Last week on Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores, Evan recuperated at the Obrien’s after pulling out his back, and in Sunday’s, October 3, 8 pm, episode titled “Where or When,” he wants to show his thanks — and whisks Abby away on a business trip. And while Kevin and Sarah try to keep a secret, Bree learns one from Luke’s past.

The sudden trip that Evan has planned leaves Abby preoccupied — and just wait until she hears the important news he has to tell her. Will his declaration be about business or pleasure?

evan takes abby away Chesapeake shores hallmark

Speaking of business… Sarah finally makes a decision about whether or not to accept her job promotion. However, on the homefront, she and Kevin contemplate sharing some personal news with their families.

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Bree receives some news of her own… well, not her own, but rather pertaining to Luke — and his past — from an unlikely source. And Jess and David search for clues as to who’s behind the anonymous negative review of their bed and breakfast.

Plus, Megan reconnects with an art critic friend from New York — one who brings out a side of her that Mick has never seen. But Mick has other things to deal with after receiving a mysterious package from an old friend of his own. Look for him to venture on a trip that could be more trouble than he expects.

Watch this video preview for a look into Sunday’s episode.

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