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On September 17, 2010, CBS aired the last-ever episode of As the World Turns.

Eleven years ago today, As the World Turns came full circle. The beloved soap opera, which began its legendary 54-year run with Nancy Hughes saying “Good morning, dear” ended with her son Bob telling us “Good night.”

It was a lovely touch capping an hour that was bittersweet at best. Our thoughts on the show’s cancellation are well-documented (and unsurprising to anyone who regularly reads Our feelings about our last visit to Oakdale, however, are more complicated.

On one hand, the soap’s sendoff satisfied a lot of cravings — for instance, to see John Dixon and Lucinda Walsh together again. Heck, we were even treated to a nod to their infamous hot-tub scene. And supercouple Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney finally got a happily ever after that looked like it was going to stick. 

But we didn’t get any real feels from our last moments with star-crossed lovers Holden and Lily Snyder, not with longtime portrayer Martha Byrne having been recast two years prior. (If you can stomach it, you can revisit that travesty here.) Instead of allowing the show’s only gay couple, Lily’s son Luke and Reid Oliver, to ride off into the sunset together, the former was left to listen to his late boyfriend’s heart beating in the chest of another man.

And what the hell was with Eileen Fulton — for eons, not just a star but the star of the show — being treated like an extra? If ever there was a time for the veteran actress to have been front and center as Lisa Grimaldi — a minx so maddening and popular, she was given her own primetime spinoff in 1965 — this. Was. It.

You can rewatch the episode above, then on your way to the comments to share your reviews, stop off at the below photo gallery, which shines a spotlight on a whole bunch of memorable moments from the soap’s incredible run.

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