gl-cast-then-now-cbs-ec guiding light
Credit: CBS/Courtesy of the Everett Collection (4)

September 18, 2009, was a dark day for daytime television. But we may have found a way to brighten its memory, at least a smidgen.

Tomorrow, on the anniversary of CBS’ broadcast of the final episode of Guiding Light, we’ll be posting a tribute to the much-missed soap, which was cancelled after 57 years on the air. But today, we’re not looking back — or at least not only looking back. We’re also looking to the present, sharing then-and-now photos of the cast as well as updates on their post-Springfield lives.

Side note: Don’t ask us why they never seem to age. It must be something that was in the water in Springfield! But we digress…

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Among the beloved actors included in the photo gallery below are a Daytime Emmy winner whose impulsive character infamously made a splash in a country-club fountain, a onetime on- and off-screen couple who went on to take Hollywood by storm, an ’80s heartthrob whose ripped physique was just made to fill out a superhero’s costume (which it eventually did) and a child star whose performances have never been less than, ahem, pitch-perfect.

But enough clues already! We know you want to just dive into the photos, so go ahead and do so by clicking here or on the image below. Then hit the comments with your favorite memories of Guiding Light. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our tribute to the show along with a countdown of 10 of its all-time most memorable moments.