Credit: ABC (4)

Does anyone not think that “Mike” will crash the wedding of his “widow” and his bestie?

We knew that this day was coming. Maurice Benard told us that this day was coming — and “soon.” And now, at last, it would appear that the moment is at hand for General Hospital mafioso Sonny Corinthos to return to Port Charles, just in time to catch wife Carly pledging her undying love to his right-hand man, Jason (and save them from an attack by rival mobsters to boot).

But what happens after the wedding, which begins with the Thursday, Sept. 16, episode? That “Mike” will show up isn’t too big a question is it — we’ve watched a few soaps in our day; he’s sorta gotta! But once the dust settles, who’ll wind up with whom?


We predict, knowing how Sonny feels about betrayal, he will read Nina the riot act for keeping him in the dark about the fact that he left behind a grieving family. Carly will do the same; short of yelling at Nelle, there’s nothing she loves more than yelling at Nelle’s mother, is there? And the Corinthoses will reunite as Port Charles’ foremost power couple.

That, it will appear at first, will be that. But a part of “Mike” still lives in Sonny. And “Mike” loves Nina — so much that he could be drawn into an extramarital affair with her. And though Carly will breathe a sigh of relief that her husband is home, neither she nor Jason will be able to switch off the feelings that were reawakened between them when they planned to marry for the Mob. They, too, could begin to carry on.

Once the clandestine relationships were revealed, what would happen then? That, we can’t begin to guess. But we’d sure love to find out. The fireworks would be so big, you could see ’em from Mars. What do you think, General Hospital fans? Will Sonny/Nina and Jason/Carly really be over when the Teflon don returns? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo of daytime’s most unforgettable weddings of all time.