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Plus, spoilers for the end of the summer.

Stay in tune with everything that’s been happening in the world of daytime with highlights of all the latest news for The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless in one convenient place.

The Bold and the Beautiful


Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) offered Bold & Beautiful fans a glimpse behind the scenes as she got a tutorial in how to apply body makeup. And who better to use as a human easel than the gorgeous Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter)? Check out the full video, but remember kids, these are professionals… don’t try this at home!

  • With so many people wandering around Los Angeles threatening her life, we can’t help but suspect Sheila’s time could be running out. And just in case she should wind up sporting a fashionable toe tag, we have rounded up the usual suspects!
  • John McCook (Eric) will be appearing with a very special co-star in his latest movie. The actor and his daughter Molly McCook will be sharing the screen in the holiday treat Candy Coated Christmas. Get the details on who they will be playing.
  • Viewers were taken aback when Steffy let a few words slip that could changed her marriage permanently. Find out what she said and why it matters.
  • B&B and Y&R alum Adrienne Frantz (Amber) shared that very special moment when her son took his first steps on his own. Don’t miss the reaction that followed.

In this week’s Bold & Beautiful column, Richard suggests a pretty shocking storyline could be in the works for Eric, Quinn and Carter. Plus, he attempts to defend Finn’s actions and questions a conversation that he found to be wildly inappropriate… and it’s not the one you’re thinking of.

Days of Our Lives

Jamey Giddens creator of Ambitions

Days of Our Lives and its news spinoff Beyond Salem have added another writer to their ranks and it’s someone who should be familiar to soap fans. Read our take on why taking Jamey Giddens on board is good news.

Lori is looking forward to more conflict within the DiMera family now that they may be going into the movie business, loves Gwen and Xander together but thinks he needs to acknowledge what he’s lost, and isn’t sure who to root for where Chloe’s love life is concerned in the Days of Our Lives column.

General Hospital


When Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin) sat down with Maurice Benard for the latest edition of his State of Mind blog, the two had an honest conversation about everything from teleprompters to the wild — and often inappropriate — behavior which took place behind the scenes.

Dustin can’t help thinking Peter probably should have remained dead, but suspects this turn might help bring the Nixon Falls saga to an end. Meanwhile, this week’s column ponders why Drew’s being held hostage, what’s up with Esme and whether Willow might be headed down a dark path.

The Young and the Restless

YR Cait Fairbanks Tessa Porter YR HW

In an exclusive interview with Soaps, Cait Fairbanks delves into Tessa’s messy feelings about Mariah’s pregnancy, explains how she’d react if the same situation unfolded in real life and shares the secrets behind her very cool music video.

Candace though the kidnapping story ended in a way that was equal parts predictable and hilarious. Meanwhile, she speculates as to how Ashland’s relationship with an older woman from the past could impact Victoria’s plans to marry the guy.

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Find reasons to tune in this week with all the latest spoilers and speculation for what’s ahead on your favorite soap.

  • Steffy feels betrayed by Finn’s loyalty to his mother, and Sheila puts Jack in his place in the Bold and Beautiful weekly spoiler video.
  • While Salemites prepare for their final vacations before the summer ends, Ciara has some unanticipated news for Ben in the Days of Our Lives weekly spoiler video.
  • When Sally attends the launch party with Adam, the claws come out when she and Phyllis face off, leaving Jack and Victor to break up a water fight in the latest Young and the Restless video spoilers.


chesapeake shores season five happy trails hallmark

In the latest teasers for Chesapeake Shores, Megan discovers a hidden treasure that sends her on an unanticipated journey, and Connor is shocked by what he learns.

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