OLTL's Natalie and Jessica are twins! (ABC)

All My Children

Josie T. asks: Do you know which actors are going to be staying with the show after it has moved to the California?

Soaps.com: Though there are bound to be more details announced, as of yet, you can find out who will not be making the trip and who will be through our All My Children Cast Members Going to Los Angeles article.

As The World Turns

Peggy S. asked: Has there been any announcement on whether or not the character of Vienna will return to the show? I have always enjoyed the actress who has played her and the chemistry between her and Henry Coleman’s character.

Soaps.com Ewa Da Cruz (Vienna) is still with the show and last appeared on October 19, 2009, however we do not have a date for her return. Stay tuned for more of her scenes and find out more about her past in Vienna Hyatt’s Character Profile.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Valerie B asked: I have been watching The Bold & Beautiful in New Zealand for fifteen years. Now it is being taken off TV!! I need help. I am addicted to the show. I can’t even look online as videos are not available in NZ.

Soaps.com: We are very sorry to hear that you will no longer be able to watch B&B. Though it’s not the same as watching the show, we invite you to read our The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Updates, which include live screen shots from the episodes.

Days of Our Lives

Patricia S. asked: My husband and I disagree on who played a Nun on Days of Our Lives. I said that Tom and Alice had a daughter named Maria who was the Nun. He says Maggie was the Nun. Could you please settle this for us? I’m hoping I’m right as I stand to win a weekend of being “LAZY” and him doing all the things I usually do on weekends. A most welcome break for me. Thanks for the help!

Soaps.com: We’re happy to tell you, Patricia, that you are right! Tom and Alice’s daughter, Maria, played by actresses Maree Cheatham (1965 – 1968; 1970 – 1973; 1994; 1996), Kate Woodville (1977) and Lanna Saunders (1979 to 1985), was a nun! Enjoy your relaxation that your husband now owes you!

General Hospital

Jan C. asked: Why did Sarah Brown leave General Hospital?

Soaps.com: Though the show never released why Sarah left GH, she now plays Sandy Sommers on The Bold and the Beautiful. Feel free to read Sandy Sommers profile on our Cast List page.