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“Guys, I’m alive,” Emme Rylan shared on Instagram. Which you wouldn’t think that she would have to, and yet…

Only a day before Friday the 13th, Emme Rylan took to social media, having discovered that “some psycho posted this, and now it’s circulating.” And what was… “this”? A “news bulletin” announcing that “just a few hours ago… Emme Rylan has passed away at the age of 40!”

Maintaining her trademark sense of humor, the veteran of General Hospital (as Lulu), The Young and the Restless (as Abby) and Guiding Light (as Lizzie) cracked, “I mean, I’m packing, which feels like death but not something that actually kills you!”

Then Rylan noticed something… um, we’ll go with strange. “Wait a second… 21 likes?!?” she exclaimed. “Well, I hope you 21 people have a lovely day.”

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Above: Were we in Rylan’s shoes, our expression might resemble this one.

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But Wait… There’s More

We can probably all agree that being declared dead would be enough bizarreness to last anyone a day, week, month… heck, years. But when it rains, it pours for Rylan, who is in the process of relocating from L.A. to St. Louis with her family. “The landlord put our house up for rent,” she explained, “and someone took the pictures from the listing and all the information and made a fake ad” offering the home for rent for half-price.

That individual or group began taking applications, charging $150 each, and they “tell one family to just come on over, they can enter the house, check it out,” the actress shared. So not only was all of the family’s personal information stolen, along with their application fee, Rylan and significant other Don Money are “just in the house, and we’re like, ‘There’s a family of five in the backyard just scoping out the pool. They come into the house… then they leave.”

It Gets Worse

As odd as that was, Rylan wrote it off as maybe the landlord legitimately sent someone by and forgot to mention they were coming. But then… Oh yes, this story was a “But then… ” Then the family was told that they were approved, had even more money stolen from their deposit and showed up “thinking that they are moving in, that they got the house.”

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What the actual hell, right? “We only have to make it through two more days here,” Rylan said, “but apparently, the Internet is saying that I’m dead and that people should just come right on into my house.

“Please don’t come into my house,” she added. And we’d love to say that that was unnecessary, but the way things have been going for her, mm-mm, no. It is definitely necessary.

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