The readers requested another installment of “Your opinion .. and Ours.” This time, we’re going to find out what the Editors of say about your opinions concerning your fave daytime dramas, Bold and The Beautiful and As The World Turns:


Brenda C. writes, I just think that the story line between Phoebe and Rick should be kept going. I think that they are an adorable couple and I am a faithful watcher of the Bold and the Beautiful and I am not sure that I will be if you decide to 86 the budding romance between Phoebe and Rick.

Julie Clark Robinson, Editor for B&B and GH replies, “There are so many different opinions on this one, Brenda! For me, it goes back to blood. Are they related? Nope. Then, I try to push any thoughts of incest out of my mind and treat it as if it’s any other budding romance. To me, these guys have too much stacked against them aside from the family feud that they have sparked. I think that Rick has too much life (and world) experience and will grow bored with Phoebe after the initial attraction fades. I think he’s flattered that she loves him and since nothing else is going on in his romantic life, he’s going along with it. I think he is falling for her, and wouldn’t hurt her on purpose, but in the end, it’s not a good match for him. The fallout from their relationship is interesting, too. I like watching the Forrester’s feud, and I’m especially enjoying Brooke’s maternal instincts that are overpowering her blushing bride routine. Of course, her feelings for Nick probably play in here, too…in other words, I agree with you. Let’s watch this thing play out!”

Diane S. writes, The new Rick is absolutely wonderful. I was getting tired of the show (been watching for 12 years). I now only watch to see Kyle. His delivery is explicable. Super choice, don’t let him go EVER!

Julie Clark Robinson
, Editor for B&B and GH replies, “I completely agree. When he’s in a scene, I find that I grow more involved with what’s going on. I like his relationships with everyone involved…Nick, Ridge, Eric, Bridget….it’s not only the Phoebe storyline that make this guy front-burner material, as I’m sure we’ll see over the years.”

Liana W. writes, I do not agree with the new plot you have for Bold and the Beautifuls Phoebe and Rick. They are stepbrother and sister. And even if they weren’t, they are still cousins!

Julie Clark Robinson,
Editor for B&B and GH replies, “Liana, your “cousin” comment actually made me get out a pen and paper and do a family tree to figure out how Rick and Phoebe are cousins! Unless I’m missing something, they aren’t. The best I can figure out is — for the majority of their lives, they did THINK they were related. IF Eric was Ridge’s dad (as everyone thought until fairly recently), Rick would have been Phoebe’s half uncle. Rick would also have been the half uncle of Thorne’s kids, Felicia’s kids, Kristen’s kids. BUT, Massimo squired Ridge and all bets are off for his kids. Technically, Rick can turn around and date Steffi too and not go to jail, squire two-headed babies or go down in history with Jerry Lee Lewis.