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That’s right, we said it… and so did you! 

Want to know why writing a soap is such a challenging job? Because daytime’s scribes are charged with making the audience happy… but not everyone in the audience wants the same thing. No matter how often someone on social media says that “everyone” agrees on something, that’s rarely true.

But every now and then, an opinion comes along that proves almost unanimously unpopular. Oh, sure, a few brave souls might step forward and admit that they feel the same way, but otherwise, theirs feels like the lone voice in the wilderness.

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Well, today we are celebrating those who are foolhardy… er, sorry, brave enough to stand up and say, “I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I like General Hospital‘s Peter and believe he can be redeemed!” Because we, too, have some pretty unpopular opinions. For example…

No matter how much chemistry The Young and the Restless‘ Adam and Sharon have — and it has proven true with almost every actor playing Victor’s son — we can’t get past the fact that he let her believe Faith was dead for six months. That would kinda be a deal-breaker for us!

Days of Our Lives needs to seriously look at how they’re writing Ben, especially when viewed in the context of his history as a serial killer. Things that might seem like the romantic actions of a man in love can come off very differently when that guy killed several people. We love Ben but need him — and the writers — to be a little more aware of how his actions may be perceived by others, including many in the audience.

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General Hospital‘s Jason and Sam are better apart than together. Things haven’t been the same since he rose from the dead, and that’s OK, because people change. It doesn’t mean they don’t (and won’t always) love each other, it just means that maybe they are no longer right for one another. Hey, it happens to even the superest of supercouples… just ask Luke and Laura.

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Flo is a good character who was dealt a bad hand. Katrina Bowden is a delightful presence, but Flo’s involvement in the baby-switch story forever tainted her in the eyes of the audience. Making her a Logan and having her fork over a vital organ were meant to alter the audience’s perception, but they still see her as “Felony Flo.” Us? We kinda want to give her a second (or would that be third) chance?

Now that we’ve shared some of our own often-scorned opinions, it seems only fair that the tables be turned. We recently asked the Twitterverse to share their own controversial takes, and boy, did they! Check out the gallery below to see how many you agree (or disagree) with, then hit the comments section to share the soapy opinion most likely to earn you a little side-eye.