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Plus, a few needed plot twists.

Stay in the loop with everything that’s happening on daytime with highlights of all the latest news for The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless in one convenient place.

The Bold and the Beautiful

bb-fashions-4 mashup

Once again, the stars of Bold & Beautiful prove that they can be every bit as stylish as the characters that they play. Check out the latest lush collection of stylish cast portraits.

  • Believe it or not, Scott Clifton says that the real love story isn’t between Liam and Steffy or Liam and Hope. Instead, it’s… well, you’ll have to check out our exclusive interview with the star to find out this and much more as he shares backstage secrets and his favorite memories.
  • Glam TV star and mother of two Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) juggles more on a given day than most of us could imagine handling. But her way of staying organized proves surprisingly simple… and could help get your own life back on track!
  • Tanner Novlan (Finn) gave us all something pretty “awww”-inspiring when he shared  photos from his daughter’s birthday.

In this week’s Bold & Beautiful column, Richard gets excited at the prospect of two big Steffy-centric storylines. Meanwhile, he asks why the Justin/Ridge story disappeared as quickly as it began and looks back at some of Quinn’s equally-unexpected romances.

Days of Our Lives

video of freddie smith's marriage proposal

Sorry, WilSon fans, but this week brought some bad news your way:  Freddie Smith announced he wouldn’t return to Days of Our Lives as Sonny, even if he were asked. Find out why the actor made the difficult decision.

In this week’s Days of Our Lives column, Lori looks at the pre-Olympic cliffhangers through a critical eye, wonders if Rex might really be on his way back and suspects EJ will be taking delicious revenge for Sami’s betrayal.

General Hospital

Vanessa Marcil brenda gh jj lHALLMARK CHANNEL AND HALLMARK MOVIE CHANNELSUMMER 2014 TCA ìNORTHPOLE CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONîPrivate ResidenceBeverly Hills, CA7/8/14 © Jill Johnson/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

Proving flashbacks aren’t just for soap characters, Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda) shared a very romantic, very special memory of a day she’ll never forget.

  • The “Mike” and Nina story may not be going over well with everyone, but, no matter how you feel about it, don’t blame Maurice Benard (Sonny). In a new interview, the actor insists it wasn’t his idea and explains what had him worried that perhaps he’d hurt the feelings of longtime co-star Genie Francis (Laura).
  • Speaking of Benard, the actor also shared a rather unusual break-up story. Trust us, this is one you have to read to believe.
  • A certain someone’s name has been mentioned an awful lot lately… and the stalker story seems a tad predictable. Which leaves us wondering if we’re wrong about how things are going to play out and instead, a big twist  is about to change the game.

Dustin is pretty much over the stalker nonsense, is surprised by how much he’s enjoying Brando and Sasha, thinks a boring week ended on a strong cliffhanger and can’t help but hope the the Peter plot is concluding in the latest General Hospital column.

The Young and the Restless

mishael morgan and daughter hair care day yr

Mishael Morgan (Amanda) had one heck of a birthday this year, including proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that she’s way braver than most of us! On a more down-to-Earth note, she also took her daughter for a special hair care day and posted the delightful results.

In this week’s Young & Restless column, Richard takes a hard look at the soap and finds that it’s missing two things every serial desperately needs: drama and romance. Plus, he ponders where the real Phyllis has gone, why Mariah’s loved ones aren’t more concerned and more.

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