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On August 7, 2008, we visited Harmony for the final time.

We had never seen anything like it. With Passions, the soap’s creator James E. Reilly began with a basic soap template — haves, have nots, all of them gorgeous — and took it to such extremes that it bordered on parody. It took the supernatural elements of Dark Shadows and Port Charles, and made them as campy as Gilligan’s Island. And it moved at a pace that was so glacial, at times it could be difficult to tell whether you’d already seen an episode.

In short, Passions was the most mixed of bags.

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Yet we still mourned when, after almost nine years — first on NBC, then on DirecTV — it aired for the last time. Perfect, it wasn’t. However, it was oddly addictive, colorful brain candy that delighted in shocking, whether by treating an orangutan as a romantic lead, having an intersex character get pregnant by their own father, or hinting that incorrigible sorceress Tabitha was actually the offspring of Bewitched marrieds Samantha and Darrin Stephens.

In the show’s final moments, long-suffering heroine Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, fresh from marrying the longtime object of her obsession, broke the fourth wall — as Passions loved to do — told told viewers that “after all these years, I’ve learned one thing for sure: Always follow your passion, because that and that alone will lead you to your happy ending.”

On this bittersweet anniversary, revisit Harmony once more, why don’t you, by perusing the below photo album of some of its most memorable moments.