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She got the last laugh, though.

We all know that the entertainment industry promotes among its actresses an image of petite perfection that is, by and large, as unrealistic as it is unattainable. Melissa Archer, though… she knows firsthand. “I had an agent once tell me that at a size 4, I was too fat,” she recently shared with her Twitter followers, “and all I could hope for were the homely-friend parts.”

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A comment like that — a judgment, no less, wrapped in a prediction — could have scarred her for life. Heck, we feel bad just having read it! But Archer is made of tougher stuff than that. Instead of resign herself to the fate of the perennial second banana, “I left that agent,” she said, “got managers that believed in me, a new agent and booked a lead role for over a decade on a TV show.”

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And heaven knows when we watched her throw sparks as One Life to Live firebrand Natalie Buchanan — or, for that matter, Days of Our Lives’ ill-fated Serena — the last thing any of us were thinking was “homely friend.” Summing up the (exclamation) point of her post, Archer concluded with “[Bleep] what people think” and hashtagged it “Do you.”

Before you set out to do exactly that, stop off, why don’t you, at the below photo gallery, which celebrates some of daytime’s loveliest leading ladies of all sizes and shapes. Needless to say, you’ll find Archer among them.