Chesapeake Shores season five preview hallmark
Credit: Hallmark Channel/YouTube

The O’Briens are back and there’s going to be a whole lot of drama — and possibly heartbreak — ahead.

In April, brought our readers the premiere date for the Hallmark Channel’s much anticipated summer return of Chesapeake Shores. So, what do viewers have to look forward to when season five rolls out on Sunday, August 15? We have your first-look trailer, which picks up where season four left off — the cliffhanger of Abby and Trace’s spontaneous kiss!

In the video below, after Trace pulls back from Abby, he asks, “That was a kiss goodbye, wasn’t it?” With these two, love seems to conquer all, but this time, especially since Jesse Metcalfe is leaving the show, things might not end so happily ever after. Also, there’s a big celebration for Bree, a wedding on the horizon — and possibly a baby too. Plus, an O’Brien reunion like no other, thoughts of the past and so much more! Watch the behind-the-scenes previews for yourself…

And don’t forget, as we previously reported, there will be a new face in town, when Hallmark star Robert Buckley joins the show. Could he be the new love in Abby’s life? Stay tuned!

Is there another actor you would like to see turn up on the series? We have a few in mind! View our gallery below featuring photos of 10 soap opera stars who would fit right in.

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Video: Hallmark Channel/YouTube