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It was initially reported as an accidental death, but there’s a lot more to the story.

Amy and Travis team up again in another wild murder case when Hallmark Movies & Mysteries premieres its seventh installment of Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha’s series Mystery 101: Deadly History on Sunday, August 1, at 9 pm.

We last saw Amy and Travis solve an explosive case surrounding a serial killer back in May, and now the couple will travel to New York City to investigate a report of a missing person — Amy’s uncle. Not only is her uncle nowhere to be found, all of his research surrounding the accidental death of a family heir, 50 years ago, goes missing.

“Nobody knows you like your family,” Travis teases in the promo below. “Except when they don’t…” As Amy’s father is questioned about his brother, she realizes, “I have no clue about so much of my uncle’s life.” Travis doesn’t know what to believe either – do you? Watch the trailer for more…

Not only will viewers get to watch as the mystery unravels, we’ll also get to see how Amy and Travis deal with their undeniable connection. Of just that, Wagner shared, “Who can’t wait to see what happens with these two?! Will Amy and Travis’s budding relationship last past the next episode?”

Regarding Wagner’s photos, Polaha joked, “This is that famous scene where Travis wipes a little pasta sauce off Amy’s face. Classic Hallmark misdirect.”

See which actors joined Wagner in our 20 most beloved Hallmark stars in the photo gallery below.

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Video: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries/YouTube