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Plus, how much damage could a long-lost relative cause?

With the world moving fast, it can be hard to keep up, but we’ve got you covered with highlights of all the latest news for The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless in one convenient place.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont restraining order B&B

In a shocking story that sounds like it could have been a soap opera plot, Don Diamont (Bill) took legal action against a man who has allegedly been stalking him. According to reports, the man had targeted the actor and was starting to contact his family members when Diamont reacted by getting a restraining order. Don’t miss any of the details.

In this week’s Bold & Beautiful column, Richard suggests that Liam’s behavior since being locked up indicates exactly how he feels about both Steffy and Hope, and insists  it’s time for the real Quinn to emerge.

Days of Our Lives

Sami and Lucas' history on Days of Our Lives

With Sami mulling over whether she wants to give her relationship with EJ another shot or stick to the latest revamping of her return to the arms of Lucas, we take a nostalgic look back at the highs and lows of Lumi with a special photo gallery.

  • Paul Telfer (Xander) found something to get excited about when he had an unexpected visitor show up outside his home. Don’t miss how former co-star Greg Rikaart (ex-Leo) reacted to the furry interloper.

Lori feels like the house of DiMera has finally been reinvigorated thanks to EJ’s return, loves that Nicole isn’t taking any of Xander’s crap, is glad to see Chad getting to play it light, and cheered Belle pulling the plug on Jan in the latest Days of Our Lives column.

General Hospital

general hospital austin jimmy lee holt son quartermaine

The battle for the control of ELQ has been revving up again, and it turns out that Valentin may not be the only major problem on the horizon for the Quartermaines. What if Austin is a long-lost member of the family? Get our take on how he could be related to Edward and what twist could couple him with Maxie.

  • He may already be haunting some people in Port Charles, but how dead can Peter really be? Given the way the character was disposed of, we’re pretty positive that Peter will be back from the dead.
  • With Julian truly dead, William deVry is looking around for which role would suit him next and couldn’t help but float his name in the place of a pricey primetime actor. Find out which show he had his eye on and marvel at his makeover.
  • It may just be a coincidence, but like her character, Sofia Mattsson (Sasha) announced that she’s pregnant. Find out why she’s been keeping it under wraps.

Dustin thought Chase and Willow’s sickbed wedding a predictable disaster, senses Peter will eventually be revived, wishes Laura had let Jordan resign, and is feeling confused about Maxie’s jumbled story in the latest General Hospital column.

The Young and the Restless

Melissa Claire Egan, Matt KatrosarCBS Daytime Post Emmy PartyHollywood Athletic ClubHollywood, CA4/26/15 © Jill Johnson/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

In an exclusive interview, Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) recalls the time that her husband spent as her co-star and reveals how likely his return to Genoa City is.

  • Amanda wanted nothing more than to connect with her family, but the truth about what happened in the past could leave her more alone than ever.
  • While Ashland Locke recently declared that he’s facing a terminal illness, is this really the business opportunity that the Newmans think it is, or is the tycoon playing a twisted game with them? Get our thoughts on how this could pan out.
  • Fans who’ve been longing to see Doug Davidson’s Paul return will no doubt love the reunion he shared with several co-stars last week. Watch the heartwarming video.

Finally, Candace imagines how the paternity story could have been pumped full of life, but at least Imani’s scenes with Amanda are ferocious, there is still potential for Victoria and Ashland, and she notices the building chemistry for Rey and Chelsea in The Young and the Restless column.

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Find reasons to tune in this week with all the latest spoilers and speculation for what’s ahead on your favorite soap.

  • Sami’s exes are not amused to see EJ walking the streets of Salem, Gwen is horrified to see just how far Xander will go and Gabi gets catty with Kate in the Days of Our Lives weekly spoiler video.
  • Billy quizzes Victoria about her relationship with Ashland, but how likely is she to admit anything to him? And Nate asks Elena about their future in the latest Young and the Restless video spoilers.

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