LMN Keeping up with the joneses
Credit: Courtesy of LMN

These women won’t let a little thing like murder ruin a good party! 

If there’s one thing the folks at Lifetime Movie Network know, it’s that wealthy people behaving badly is like catnip to fans hungry for a little soap drama. And this summer, they’re rolling out a three-part movie series that’s pretty much everything a soap fan could possibly want… and more.

Beginning Thursday, July 8, LMN will introduce viewers to the ruthless clan at the center of Keeping Up With the Joneses. After the clan’s beloved patriarch dies, second-wife Robin (Vivica A. Fox, ex-Stephanie, Young & Restless) is ready to take control… but her four stepdaughters are not going to make it easy for her!

What follows are three movies focused on not only how the Joneses deal with their own infighting but what happens when outsiders attempt to encroach. Because if there’s one thing soap fans know, it’s that even the most divided of families will come together in order to protect what’s theirs.

So what do we know about Robin’s stepdaughters/competition? Well, there’s Pam, CEO of the family business who is… well, let’s just say the words “warm and cuddly” will never be used to describe her. Carrie is sort of the conscience of the family (and, logically, heads up the company’s charitable division). Kayla is probably too busy partying to pay much attention to what’s going on with the business, while high-schooler Tara will prove that you’re never too young to be a first-rate schemer. (Check out the super-fun trailer below!)

Now, these women will have to come together to face an unknown challenger out to destroy their company and willing to do whatever it takes — including murder — to bring their fempire down. Sounds like someone’s about to learn that they are messing with the wrong family… and if that sounds like a promotional tagline, that’s perfect. Because Keeping Up With The Joneses is actually the first series of movies to come out of LMN’s wildly popular (as in 25-and-counting) Wrong franchise.

Fox is no stranger to LMN fans, having starred in a slew of previous Wrong movies including The Wrong ValentineThe Wrong Mr. RightThe Wrong Real Estate AgentThe Wrong Cheerleading Coach… if there’s a movie with the word “wrong” in the title, there’s a good chance Fox will be featured! Now, while we wait to pop some corn and cozy up with the trilogy of LMN flicks, why not take a look at the gallery below in which we look at other daytimers who, like Fox, have gone on to find great success in primetime.