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Two of the four soaps will be airing on Monday.

With Monday being a national holiday, most soap fans will be home and possibly looking for something to watch on Monday. But not all of their favorite daytime dramas will be airing.

We’ve got your quick guide to not only which shows will air new episodes on May 31, but details as to what will unfold over the course of the week for each of the soaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bold steffy finn pregnant happy HW

Not only will the Los Angeles-set sudser be airing on Monday, but a longtime fan-favorite will be returning! Fresh off her maternity leave, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood jumps right back into the action as Steffy and husband-to-be Finn find out the sex of their unborn baby.

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Elsewhere, Bill will do his darndest to prevent son Liam from confessing that he ran down Vinny. But as evidenced by this week’s promo video, the freaked father’s efforts will prove to be in vain.

Days of Our Lives

It looks as if the residents of Salem will, like many of us, be taking Monday, May 31 off. While there won’t be an original episode that day, the action will pick right back up on Tuesday, June 1 with Sami grilling sister-in-law Nicole. Never having had the highest opinion of Nicole, Sami’s only too willing to believe the worst of Eric’s wife. Will the truth come out about Xander’s night of passion with the married beauty?

Xander and Nicole in bed on Days of Our Lives

We’ll also find out Tuesday just how far Kate is willing to go in order to keep Dr. Snyder from spilling the beans about her condition. Meanwhile, looks for Ben to make a bad situation worse later this week, while Chanel will make Allie most unexpected offer…

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General Hospital

While the ABC soap won’t air a new episode, it will give viewers a chance to relive one of last year’s most (literally) explosive moments. The show will flash back to November 4, 2020, when it looked as if Dante and Lulu might finally reunite… at least until the bomb placed by Julian destroyed both The Floating Rib and the couple’s shot at happiness.

Maxie runs into Brook Lynn at General Hospital

We rejoin the regularly scheduled action on Tuesday, June 1, with Maxie trying to make the best of a pretty awful situation. With the plan she and Brook Lynn cooked up having gone so far off the rails, can anything get it back on track?

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Later this week, look for Finn to become the latest person to confront Peter… and when the clock finishes its countdown, will we finally found out exactly who was responsible for Peter taking that deadly-looking tumble? Could this really be the end for the villain… and the start of a juicy whodunit?

The Young and the Restless

Yes, the good (and bad) folks of Genoa City will be available to keep you entertained on Monday, May 31. Look for Victor to pay Chelsea a visit, although not necessarily of the friendly variety. Rather, he’s there to warn her to stick to the plan. The only problem? Adam’s ex seems to have a different course of action in mind…

Ashland, Kyle door Y&R

Meanwhile, we’re finally going to find out whether Ashland or Kyle is the father of Tara’s son, Harrison. Then again, this being a soap, who’s to say the results will be accurate? In any case, count on the paternity test turning several lives upside down… no matter which way it goes!

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By week’s end, Adam and Nick’s truce will hit a bump in the road, Victoria and Ashland will grow closer (which can only be trouble!), and Amanda will get a big shock.

Now that you know what to expect of the week, why not take a peek at the gallery below in which we offer up summer preview for all four of the shows. Not enough to entice you? What if we throw in a few primetime offerings as well?