Natalie and April leaving Chicago Med
Credit: NBC screenshot

NBC’s medical procedural will be down two of its original stars in season 7.

It was announced last week that Torrey DeVitto and YaYa DaCosta are leaving Chicago Med as season 6 comes to a close. It might not come as too big of a surprise to viewers, considering the original cast members’ storylines have been heading in that direction for the past few episodes.

DeVitto’s exit as Natalie Manning could come as the doctor faces consequences for stealing trial medication to secretly give her ailing mother, whose health is in rapid decline. Meanwhile, DaCosta’s (Casandra Foster, All My Children) April Sexton could have a less dramatic exit as she simply leaves to further her education to become a nurse practitioner. Let’s just hope Dr. Archer doesn’t manipulate April into any more career-threatening situations before that can happen.

With DaCosta leaving to star in the new series Our Kind of People, and DeVitto appearing in the independent movie Skelly, it’s understandable the actresses are moving on from the medical drama. It also presents an opportunity for their characters’ romantic partners to move on, free from past relationship baggage. Not to mention, their absence could leave space for others to step into bigger roles.

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The One Chicago drama already introduced medical student Vanessa who could become a more integral character, considering she is Maggie’s biological daughter. The sudden appearance of the child the charge nurse gave up for adoption is already affecting her job, if Vanessa sticks around, she could factor into Maggie’s home life with Ben, as well.

Then there’s Dr. Virani, who dated Natalie’s ex, Will Halstead until he crossed an ethical line regarding the medical trial she’s running. Perhaps, now, Virani’s friendly chess games with April’s ex, Ethan Choi, could turn into something more. Or, a brand new triangle could emerge between the three doctors.

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April’s departure could even allow supporting player, Nurse Doris (who doesn’t even have a last name after six seasons) to step into a larger role, while Natalie’s presumably soon-to-be-ex, Dr. Crockett Marcel (Leo Julian, General Hospital, General Hospital: Night Shift), could find love with someone who doesn’t have complicated ties to another hospital staff member. Heck… maybe love could even bloom between the two.

No matter which way things shake out, April and Natalie’s departures are going to leave the medical procedural looking a little different in season 7… and that’s not a bad thing.

Chicago Med‘s season 6 finale aires on NBC on May 26.

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