cutest kids mashup
Credit: Paul Skipper/JPI, Howard Wise/JPI (2), Jill Johnson/JPI

We know, we know — a few youngsters past and present are missing from the list; you’ve gotta leave room for the sequel.

We thought that putting together a photo album of soap’s all-time cutest kids would be child’s play. Boy, were we ever wrong.

Every time we thought that we were done, another moppet popped into our heads. Finally, we had to cry uncle and say “Finished!” — at least for now. (Because you and we both know that by and by, this scrapbook is going to be expanded to the size of the Yellow Pages.)

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Before we turn you loose to see whether you candle the cuteness overload that’s in store, we should note that we weren’t just picking youngsters willy-nilly from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless. We did have two criteria for inclusion: 1. Adorableness, obviously. And 2. No teenagers.

We kinda figured that once adolescent angst entered the picture, we were dealing with an altogether different photo album. (Hey, that gives us an idea… )

More: Soap stars and their real-life kids [PHOTOS]

Oh, and one other thing we can’t stress enough: This is by no means a definitive list of all the cute kids that have ever appeared (or currently appear) on soaps. It’s a partial list, and as such, a few whippersnappers may be missing. (Which is the only encouragement we really need to go back and add more pictures later!)

So, ready to find out just how long a person can say “aww” without taking a breath? Just click on the photo gallery below, and off you go!