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Ahead of their silver wedding anniversary, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos dish on a bump in the road and the traditional roles that made it work.

As Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos prepare to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary — yup, twenty-five years of marriage — the pair looked back over the years to the very beginning when things weren’t as, well, idyllic, as they seem now…

In a recent Double Date podcast with hosts Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue, Kelly’s admission that Mark threw her wedding ring out a window once upon a time, came as something of a surprise. That’s definitely not part of the fairytale!

In her inimitable style, Kelly described the scene so that we could visualize it perfectly, and explained, “When we first got married, I think Mark felt like he rushed into it and maybe he made a mistake and maybe he was regretting it and he took my wedding ring and threw it out the window.” She hilariously added, “And then he turned around and I said, ‘I’m still here’.” Kelly joked, “I really thought in that moment he thought I would just vanish or evaporate.”

Mark and Kelly both seemed to write off the incident as a bit of panic at being so young and so… married. She recalled, “I looked at him and said I get it, I’m young and married too, I’m scared too, I get it. This is forever, I’m with you. Now we have to go find that ring.”

Twenty-five years, and three grown children (Michael, 22, Lola, 18, and Joaquin, 17) later, and we’d say they got over the hump and made it work. But how, you ask?

As one of the most successful long-term showbiz couples going, Kelly and Mark are carving out time to give back to the soap community where their roots are (they met while both were working on All My Children) by developing the upcoming All My Children reboot, Pine Valley. All while continuing to work on Live! With Kelly and Ryan and Riverdale respectively… and of course, dealing with the realities of a pandemic like the rest of us.

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So how do they do it? Part of the secret to their long and lasting marriage may be attributed to the roles they’ve taken on over the past twenty-five years, and we don’t mean onscreen. Kelly revealed, “I think of us as very traditional and almost old-fashioned in our roles.” They went on to explain that throughout their marriage Kelly opted to stay in the city with the kids while Mark traveled for work, and she looks after organizing holidays and daily activities. While it’s not for everyone, it clearly worked for them, and each acknowledges the other’s sacrifice.

If you missed it, take a look back at Kelly’s romantic 24th anniversary photo montage to see the beautiful memories the couple have shared over the years. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for the big 2-5 on May 1!

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