GREY’S ANATOMY - “The Center Won’t Hold” – Bailey finds herself in the middle of an argument with patients’ families as they await news about their children who were injured in a fire. Winston surprises Maggie, and Amelia and Link try to have some fun as new parents. Teddy learns her colleagues know more than she may like about her relationship woes with Owen, and Richard and Koracick go at it during the second hour of the “Grey’s Anatomy” season 17 premiere, THURSDAY, NOV. 12 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC)ELLEN POMPEO
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They’ve teased us… now it’s time for the big payoff! 

The folks at Grey’s Anatomy aren’t lying when, in the promo for the episode airing Thursday, April 9, they call Meredith waking up “the moment we’ve all been waiting for.” Because let’s face it… this season has been one bummer (DeLuca dying) after another (Teddy’s breakdown), and we could all use some good news.

That said, before Meredith’s eyes flutter open and she returns to the land of the living… we really, really need for her to have one last visitor on Limbo Beach: longtime best friend and “person” Cristina Yang.

Grey's anatomy cristina meredith

We hear you crying out, “But she’s not dead!” to which we respond, “Neither were Bailey or Richard or Cormac when they swung by for chats.” You’ll recall that the Limbo Beach rules — as best we can tell — only require that one be a regular in Meredith’s conscience and in possession of a white wardrobe. (Fishing gear optional.)

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Certainly the stage was set for a Cristina appearance when in last week’s episode we saw the Zurich-based doc not only getting updates on her BFF’s condition from Owen but, in true Yang style, being downright pushy about it. The episode also proved that Grey’s Anatomy is willing to eschew publicizing a surprise appearance when, after promoting the fact that Chyler Leigh’s Lexie would be slapping on some sunscreen to hit the beach with half sis Meredith, they kept quiet about the fact her plus-one would be McSteamy himself, Eric Dane’s Mark.

So call us crazy, but we’re convinced that before Meredith trades her sunny beach for rainy Seattle, we’ll all have a reason to dance it out when Cristina shows up… probably refusing to wear white and ordering her gal pal to stop lying around and get back to work.

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What do you think, Grey’s fans? Are we crazy to hope — let alone believe — that Sandra Oh’s much-loved alter ego will show up? And what’s your take on the season as a whole? Share your thoughts in the comment section, then check out our collection of daytime stars who are the kind of real-life gal pals who would definitely show up at one another’s beaches.