April Shocking Cast Changes
Credit: Howard Wise, Jill Johnson/JPI

April is going to be a killer month… in more ways than one!

As soap fans, we’re accustomed to having big events happen in May, which is an all-important sweeps period. But apparently, the shows just couldn’t wait that long, because recent on-screen events and casting announcements indicate that April’s going to be one heck of a month! Who’s coming, who’s going and how will all of this impact the stories we love? Read on, and we’ll tell you what we know!

Who’s About To Die on Bold & Beautiful? 

It looks as if April’s going to start with a bang, although whether it will be literal or metaphorical has yet to be seen: The Bold and the Beautiful is about to launch a huge murder mystery storyline that looks to deliver a shocking exit of one of the show’s major players. Who will die and how it will impact those left behind is being kept under tighter-than-usual wraps, but look for all to be revealed at the end of the episode airing on Monday, April 5.

No Happy Ending for Days of Our Lives’ Sarah

Days of Our Lives’ fans were stunned by the exit of Linsey Godfrey’s Sarah. Sarah and Xander’s love story had been a heavy focus of the show, with the handsome lug working hard to win her back after the baby switch fiasco. But on the night before they were set to tie the knot, Kristen drugged Sarah and shipped her out of Salem in a trunk. We’re left wondering where poor Xander goes from here, as Kristen led him to believe Sarah left him for her ex Rex. Fortunately we the audience know the truth, and with Sarah not being killed off, there is always the possibility she’ll return. But if it’s not sooner rather than later, chances are Xander will move on… and we hear his personal life will take a very interesting turn rather quickly!

Kristen and Sarah struggle over a syringe on Days of Our Lives

Ruh-Roh… Here Comes Trouble!

They say the more things change, the more they stay the same… and that’s definitely the case with Days of Our Lives’ resident nut job Jan Spears. Sure, she’s a little bit older than when first we met her as a high schooler (aren’t we all?), but she’s every bit as crazy! Now that she’s finally come out of that coma she’s been in ever since John strangled her, look for things to get interesting around town. Something tells us she didn’t wake up with a new-and-improved attitude! The big question is whether she’ll continue to focus her cray cray on Shawn and Belle… or perhaps decide to make John’s life a living hell as a bit of payback?

Farewell… and Also Hello

Shocks don’t come much bigger than the one General Hospital delivered when it offed Franco. We all tuned in the next day assuming the show would reveal it had all been some kind of fake-out… but no, Franco was really, most sincerely dead. Worse, he was killed by Peter, a character many in the audience would happily have seen meet a fatal end in Franco’s place. If there was a bright side to this gloomy twist, it was the news that despite Franco’s death, portrayer Roger Howarth would be returning to General Hospital. Fans have been speculating whether he’d return as Drew, resume the role of Todd Manning, or be a completely new character. We won’t have to wait long, as he should reappear soon!

Young & Restless’ Amanda’s Getting a Grandpa

The Young and the Restless is adding to Amanda’s birth family by introducing her grandfather, Sutton Ames, to be played by Jack Landron. Amanda’s mother has been keeping her at a distance because she came from a wealthy and politically powerful family, and both Amanda and her twin sister Hilary were given up by Naya after their birth to avoid a scandal. Recently Naya came to Amanda for help because a reporter had accused her Sutton of killing Amanda’s father, Richard Nyland. His arrival is sure to shake up things on a number of levels. First, Amanda has been led to believe by Naya that her father died in an automobile accident. Now she’s being asked to help defend his possible killer, her grandfather, who is also the one who forced Naya to give her and Hilary up in the first place. When Amanda went looking for her family, she likely never expected such a scandalous past. But family drama is what soap fans live for, and this storyline should deliver. Who knows what other twists are still to come.

Amanda, Naya lobby Y&R

The Recast We Never Saw Coming

It was a surprise when it was announced that Young & Restless was recasting Faith, currently played by Alyvia Alyn Lind, with Reylynn Caster. Lind has been cast in Syfy’s upcoming Chucky, a show inspired by the Child’s Play films, so the decision was made to recast the part of Faith with an older actress. Thirteen-year-old Lind’s Faith has been front and center in a storyline dealing with teen bullying and drinking, but at eighteen, her recast Caster would allow the show to explore much more adult-focused storylines. And by adult-focused, we mean watching Faith repeat all of mother Sharon and Grandmother Nikki’s past mistakes.

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