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Credit: ABC screenshot

Where’s the laughter and romance we so desperately need right now?

Because Meredith in a coma and DeLuca dying weren’t sad enough, Grey’s Anatomy decided we needed to spend an entire hour exploring the darkest recesses of Teddy’s brain. Lurking there were more dead people, including her true love Allison who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

By episode’s end, Teddy was fine — forget therapy, all she really needed was a pep talk from Meredith — but we were left eating our emotions.

In a recent interview with our sister site TVLine, showrunner Krista Vernoff explained that one of the points the show was making with DeLuca’s death was that “even though we’re now getting all this other pain and trauma [thanks to the pandemic], other [bad stuff] keeps happening.”

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Well, we’d greatly appreciate it if someone could tell Vernoff that we get it, and we no longer need bad stuff to keep happening. In fact, we’d be very pleased if we could just spend some time with new lovers Maggie and Winston, or maybe enjoy hanging out with Link and Amelia (when they’re not bickering about his drinking or trying to prepare Zola for the possible death of mom Meredith).

The world’s a dark enough place right now, and we could all really, really use a break. You know, the kinda break that Grey’s Anatomy used to give us every Thursday night.

What say you, folks? Do you miss the days when this after-dark sudser wasn’t working overtime to make us weep? Hit the comments with your thoughts, then join us in flashing back to one of our all-time favorite primetime soaps, Knots Landing, via the photo-packed gallery below.