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When it comes to these tangled tag teams, “I don’t like you” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

You know the timeworn saying “Boys will be boys,” right? Well, when it comes to daytime TV’s menfolk, what it more often than not actually means is “Boys will be freaking idiots who would sooner pummel one another than engage in a civil discourse about the differences that have set them at odds.”

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Then again, when you’ve schtupped both a guy’s destiny as well as his daughter, a civil discourse is probably pretty much off the table.


Above: It’s gettin’ punchy up in here, y’all.

Credit: Paul Skipper/JPI (2), Howard Wise/JPI (2)

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At any rate, today has evaluated soapdom’s most formidable feuding fellas of all time and ranked them, from least to most antagonistic. Included in our Top 10 sparring partners are a Bold & Beautiful duo who, though they’re clearly cut from the same womanizing cloth, would like to rip each other to shreds; a Days of Our Lives pair whose years-long war was, in the most twisted of ways, a family affair; General Hospital nemeses that were arguably equally awful for the women that they claim to have loved; and a Young & Restless twosome that never met a hatchet that they wouldn’t bury.

In one another’s back. But that went without saying, didn’t it?

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So, you wanna see who made the cut? Just click on the photo gallery below, and duck as necessary — barware and punches are all but guaranteed to fly.