The Circle Too Hot To Handle Netflix Reality

Finally, details about when two of our favorite Netflix shows will be back!

Get ready, because Netflix is finally preparing to drop Season 2 of its buzziest shows, The Circle (in which high-rise dwellers attempt to catfish one another) and Too Hot to Handle (in which sexy singles are paid to avoid doing what sexy singles naturally do). While the freshman seasons of both shows had people bingeing the episodes as quickly as possible, this time around, viewers will be forced to slow their roll.

According to our sister site Deadline, when The Circle‘s new season begins on Wednesday, April 14, it will do so with four episodes. The next two Wednesdays will also see four new episodes hitting the streaming service, with the finale — in which the person best able to manipulate the others is revealed — debuting on Wednesday, May 5.

Translation: Whereas the first season unfolded over three weeks, Netflix is milking it for an extra week. (Still confused as to how the show works? Check out the Season 1 trailer below.)

The real change, however, concerns the rollout of Too Hot to Handle. Whereas last year’s episodes all came out at once — creating a frenzy as fans tried to avoid spoilers by watching as quickly as possible — when we meet the new contestants in June, their adventures in attempted celibacy will be doled out on a weekly basis.

Brandon Riegg, Netflix’s unscripted chief, told Deadline that the new seasons feature “added new twists and surprises to keep the games fresh.” He added that the decision to go with a more traditional format where releasing the episodes is concerned was designed to give viewers “time to dissect and dish on every step of the competition as it unfolds.”

What do you think, readers… will you be tuning in when the new seasons roll out? Meanwhile, since we’re talking about reality television, why not take a peek at the below gallery, in which we chronicle times when the real and reel lives of soap stars wound up on a collision course.