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We’re here to make sure you didn’t miss any of last week’s biggest stories!

From huge plot twists to backstage dramas, we’ve got everything that went down on The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless during the week of March 8 – 12.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Setting speed records in plot acceleration, Vinny confessed when confronted in the lab. But rather than a swelling of excitement, it felt more like a shrug. If the show wants to get back into the habit of being surprising, this is what needs to happen and which characters need to be involved. Could this whole plot end up having an ironically good outcome for Thomas? Get our take on how, after years of failed schemes, he might actually wind up getting what he wants.

Thomas, Vinny grill B&B

  • Could the newest big bad already be on the canvas? Where Flo’s concerned, it wouldn’t take much to turn her into a villain. We explain why that would make sense on every level.
  • Get a different take on something very familiar by listening to this cover of the Bold & Beautiful theme played by a marching band.

In his newest The Bold and the Beautiful column, Richard thinks the show is in desperate need of some connective tissue to bring the characters together, can’t remember the last time there was actually a fashion show, and explains why he believes Steffy should turn down Finn’s proposal.

Days of Our Lives

Reaching out to the public via her Instagram account, Linsey Godfrey shared her recent mental health diagnoses and talked about how she has been managing them with medication and therapy. It’s a story that just might help others as they deal with the difficult times in which we live.

Linsey Godfrey sarah days of our lives

Richard had a laugh at Ben and Ciara’s unusual connection, found Paulina to be a breath of fresh air, was baffled by where Gabi drew a line in the sand and couldn’t  help but notice how isolated Xander and Sarah are in his Days of Our Lives column.

General Hospital

While everyone was reeling from the shocking sight of Franco being wheeled away in a body bag thanks to nefarious Peter August, Roger Howarth assured fans he’s not leaving. Yes, his character might be dead, but he’s already played several different characters on the show and he’s not about to stop. While details of what this means have yet to be released, we’re busy wondering what the outcome of the controversial character’s demise could be, especially for Scott and Ava.

Franco dead GH

Dustin commended the Emmy-worthy performances of the actors who play Franco’s family as they dealt with his shocking loss, was relieved that Maxie finally gave Peter his marching orders, was furious we didn’t get the paternity test results for Chase and said it’s time for someone to rescue Sonny from the Tan-o in the new General Hospital column.

The Young and the Restless

Fed up with being treated like a day player after 43 years on the soap, Doug Davidson spoke out about his future. As fans reacted to the way the fan-favorite has been backburnered, we look at the less-than-pretty way that Young & Restless has recently treated several older characters.

Doug Davidson Paul Williams stories to tell yr

Finally, Candace looks at why Ashland Lock’s arrival worked so well and hopes they keep the sexy villain, explains why Lily’s new relationship is a fixer-upper and contemplates the mess that Devon and Elena have made for themselves in her weekly Young & Restless column.

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Find reasons to tune in this week with all the latest spoilers and speculation for what’s ahead on your favorite soap.

  • With a wedding on the way, Rex has breezed back into Salem just as Sarah goes missing, Ciara has been found, and Rafe has shocking news for Kate in the Days of Our Lives weekly spoiler video.

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