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Credit: ABC (5)

Warning: If you haven’t watched the March 11 midseason premiere of the primetime soap, you might want to before continuing.

You would think that being stabbed by a sex trafficker and then dying at the hospital at which he works worked would be the end of Grey’s Anatomy doctor Andrew DeLuca. But it ain’t necessarily so, his portrayer tells our sister site TVLine. (Read the whole interview here.)

In defending a misleading Instagram post in which he said that having wrapped his directorial debut on the ABC drama, he was “now back to being DeLuca,” Giacomo Gianniotti admitted, “I was just trying to throw people a little off the scent a bit.”

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However, the actor hastened to add that “it’s not a lie… in that we might see DeLuca in the future. There are other opportunities for him [to appear] for the rest of the season.”

True that. Already this season, his on-again/off-again significant other Meredith has been visited by late husband Derek and ill-fated pal George on the beach between life and death. Even Richard and Bailey, who are alive and well, stopped by. “And lots of characters that have been lost over the years have come back,” Gianniotti adds, “whether in flashbacks or playing little home videos on our phones, ghosts, sometimes dreams. There’s all kinds of ways.”

While you’re here, check out the below photo gallery, a rundown of some of the little things that are a big, big deal to true daytime fans.