doctors mashup
Credit: ABC/Courtesy of the Everett Collection (2), Courtesy of the Everett Collection, Courtesy of SOAPnet, Howard Wise/JPI

Don’t you worry — your insurance will cover the reading of this article. (That said, scans will cost ya extra.)

It was way back on March 30, 1842, when general anesthesia was used for the first time in surgery. And it is this day every year that has been thereafter designated Doctors Day.

Also, yes, it’s real. Google it! We don’t make up this [bleep]! (Not often, anyway.)

In honor of the holiday, is strapping on a stethoscope and counting down daytime’s best doctors ever. And we know you’ll quibble with some of the rankings. We get it — we wouldn’t be daytime fans if we weren’t at any given moment only one wrong remark away from a cake fight.

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Above: One of these doctors was “scrubbed” from the list. Wanna guess which one?

Credit: JPI (3)

Included in our list of the best of the best are a Dr. Feel-Good from The Young and the Restless who’s been known to cause palpitations, a General Hospital MD for whom “making the rounds” had an altogether different meaning, a Days of Our Lives mainstay who put the “care” in “healthcare” and a doc from The Bold and the Beautiful who…

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Well, he hasn’t lost a patient yet.

Hey, that’s something.

Wanna see who made the cut? Just click on the photo gallery below. Then, be sure to come back and hit the comments with the doctors you can’t believe we managed to omit from the list.