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The treatment she received drove her to the point of contemplating suicide.

In a stunning interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired March 7 on CBS, Meghan Markle, wife of the British royal family’s Harry Mountbatten-Windsor, spoke her truth. Though not all of her revelations were unexpected, such as racism being a part of her experience (specifically in the UK’s tabloid media), there were some bombshells that even shocked Winfrey. Not because they happened, but because, as she later explained on CBS This Morning, Meghan shared them with her despite the potential fallout.

Meghan opened up about the heartbreaking loneliness that came with not being allowed out even to see friends once her profile began to be managed by the British royal institution, which took away her passport, identification and even car keys. We can’t imagine how that must have felt! That, combined with the relentlessly negative coverage in the press, which went unapologetically unanswered by the family, led her to the precipice of suicide whilst pregnant with her first child, Archie.

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While this may not seem so surprising when you consider Princess Diana’s experience decades earlier, the revelation that Meghan’s requests for help for her mental health were flat out refused, was both astonishing and abhorrent.

Indeed, when Harry joined the interview, he confirmed that he saw signs of “history repeating itself,” referring to his mother and wife’s similar circumstances, which prompted the couple to begin exploring options for their unprecedented move to break free of the royal family.

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In another jaw-dropping reveal, Meghan shared that she’d learned the family had approached Harry to question how dark-skinned their future children might be, a statement that rocked Oprah and that Harry later discussed. Though he wouldn’t name the person who had engaged him in these offensive conversations, Oprah revealed on CBS This Morning that Harry wanted her to make clear they were not with the Queen or Prince Phillip, which rather dramatically narrows the list. Further causing hurt, a title and the all-important security required to keep their son safe were not to be extended to Archie, which seemed to be an alarming last straw of sorts.

Clearing up another untruth which became overblown in the UK press in the months following Meghan and Harry’s wedding, it was revealed that William’s wife, Kate, had made Meghan cry in a disagreement over a dress, rather than the other way around. This lie was perpetuated by the media but never corrected by the royal Family, and played a huge role in the attempts to paint Meghan in a negative light to the public.

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After so bravely coming forward to tell their side of the story, Harry and Meghan, along with everyone else, await the official response to the interview from the royal family. And while Harry admitted it would mean everything to receive an apology for what they’ve gone through, it’s unlikely to happen. Diana’s death changed nothing about the way the royals dealt with their role in the public eye, and as Harry pointed out, they have a symbiotic relationship with the UK tabloids that the very survival of the family is dependent upon. Characterizing his father and brother as “systemically” trapped within the institution, it’s unimaginable that the response will involve any accountability or apology beyond what is required to save face.

Happily, Meghan and Harry both spoke of their continued warm relationship with the Queen, and were able to share with the world that their second child, due in the summertime, will be a girl. We wish them nothing but love and healing.

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