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From parenting in a pandemic to burning questions, we’ve got your news needs covered.

Stay in the loop with the latest news for The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless from March 1 – 5.

The Bold and the Beautiful

It has been a year since her child with Darin Brooks (Wyatt) was born, and Kelly Kruger opened up about being a mother during a pandemic. The actress discussed how hard it can be to raise a child during the lockdown and looked to her fans for feedback on how they’ve been coping with parenting.

Kelly Kruger, Darin Brooks birthday surprise B&B

  • Real motherhood could also cause some upset onscreen since Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s maternity leave may mean her character will be out of action just as things seem to be heating up for Steffy. Does this explain the unusual pacing her story is getting?
  • Give how much of the audience has a hate-on for Flo, perhaps redemption isn’t the way to go. Instead, should the soap “fix” the problem by letting Flo become a bad girl? Hear our pitch for why this could work.
  • Speaking of characters in need of shaking up, Zoe also needs a reset and as you might guess, we’ve got an idea as to how to spice things up!

In his latest The Bold and the Beautiful column, Richard wades back into the Steffy baby story that has eaten the show alive, hopes that Zoe will return to being wackadoodle, and notes that the crossover with sister CBS soap Young & Restless had no real impact.

Days of Our Lives

As viewers play the “Who killed Charlie?” game, portrayer Mike Manning has indicated that he’s already lined up a new gig. While he’s so far played coy as to what it might be, we have a few surprising suggestions for characters he could play on rival shows.

mike manning exits days as charlie dale

Richard was riveted by the latest scenes shared by siblings Sami and Belle, still isn’t sure what Kristen is expecting from the swap with Susan, and offers a prediction about who really killed Charlie in his Days of Our Lives column.

General Hospital

Even as the double wedding was taking center stage on screen, Tristan Rogers offered up his take on what he thought of the controversial story. Soon after, Wes Ramsey responded with his own thoughts on acting and a few special words for his fans.

Dustin was thrilled that the wedding day pay-off was worth the wait as Maxie was forced to finally face the truth, but he couldn’t help feeling bad for Finn, and thought that Franco taking Peter down could be the icing on the cake in the new General Hospital column.

The Young and the Restless

It has been a long time coming but it feels like Genoa City may be getting the shake-up it desperately needs. The man to do it could be the already near-legendary Ashland Locke, at least if he’s as bad as everyone seems to think he is. We take a look at potential storylines for the character, who could prove to be a rival to the most powerful people on the canvas.

YR ashland locke nikki victor summer kyle HW

Finally, Candace worries that Devon’s romance stories are starting to fizzle, feels like the writers are missing the mark with a budding rivalry, can hardly believe how quickly Kyle’s plot is unfolding, and doesn’t know why they brought back Gloria to do nothing in The Young and the Restless column.

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