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See some familiar faces in surprising new roles.

Catch up with the latest news for The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless from February 15 – 19.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) continues to keep her fans entertained with the saga of her pregnancy. Last week, she found an innovative way to reveal her baby’s gender in a video. But will the tale of her character’s latest baby reach the same heights? She certainly looked shell-shocked after the results of the paternity test were revealed. But we’ve got a hunch that Vinny switched the tests and make our case for how he did it.

B&B's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Should Do Hallmark

In his latest The Bold and the Beautiful column, Richard shares a shocking theory as to who Vinny might actually be, cheers the idea of Hope walking away from her marriage and admits to totally loving angry Carter.

Days of Our Lives

Chloe may be denying her interest in Brady, but even if she isn’t keen to get back with her ex, cozying up to Kristen’s beau seems doomed to lead to disaster. Susan doesn’t seem happy to have the diva hovering around the injured man either. Given the danger and his history of failed relationships, should Chloe distance herself from Brady or are you pulling for them to reunite?

days chloe brady hotel JJ

Richard has found new reasons to be invested in Ciara and Ben’s story, is looking forward to more barely friendly collaboration between Abigail and Gabi, thought Sarah and Xander’s double proposal was adorable, is looking forward to the whodunit, but isn’t convinced Kristen is a viable character as she’s being written in his Days of Our Lives column.

General Hospital

It has been 15 years since she made the ultimate sacrifice, so we look back on the heart-wrenching chain of events that lead to Courtney Matthews dying, forever impacting many lives in Port Charles, and wonder how else this might have played out.

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Dustin fears that Nina is already turning Nelle into Port Charles’ latest unlikely saint, doesn’t know why he should care about the Tan-o story, was glad to see the town get a new restaurant, thinks Portia and Curtis’ chemistry is off the charts, and was surprised by how much he’s enjoying Dante and Sam in the new General Hospital column.

The Young and the Restless

General Hospital’s Chad Duell announced that he was one lucky dude. Why? Courtney Hope agreed to marry him. The soap actors shared their engagement news on social media and she showed off her elegant blue ring. After you check that out, get our take on why her Young & Restless alter ego, Sally, needs to steal Nick from Phyllis. We look at how many cages that coupling could rattle.

Courtney Hope, Chad Duell Courtney Hope & Chad Duell Romantic Vacation in ParisParis, France 06/23/17© Denis Guignrbourg/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

Finally, Candace is back and wades into the controversy around the increasingly intense Sharon and Adam scenes, didn’t see a lot of point in Bill’s appearance, is still bored by Abby’s story, and is looking forward to Kyle’s real secret coming out in The Young and the Restless column.

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