When Calls the heart's Lucas, Nathan and Elizabeth Hallmark
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A special message from the actors to their fans — the Hearties.

The Hallmark Channel did a live stream with When Calls the Heart frontrunners Erin Krakow (Elizabeth), Kevin McGarry (Nathan) and Chris McNally (Lucas). During the video chat, they talked about everything from the season eight premiere, on Sunday, February 21, to who Elizabeth should be with — Nathan or Lucas — and everything in-between, including some fun things they do in their personal lives.

As viewers know, Hope Valley’s Elizabeth is torn between two men, Nathan and Lucas. McGarry and McNally were put on the spot and asked, if they were friends with Elizabeth in real-life who would they tell her she should be with? The guys definitely had some fun answering this question!

When asked if they had a message to send the Hearties, Krakow replied, “It is so gratifying to see how our show has resonated with people over the years. Getting to do the thing that we love every day is truly dependant on the Hearties. Without them we wouldn’t get to do what we love every day.”

McGarry agreed with Krakow and chimed in, “We should say thank you to the Hearties… for letting us be part of this world. Thank you for accepting it and giving us your support.”

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McNally added, “I have friends who work on other shows, the amount of negative opinions they get on their social media… everything is always so happy and positive coming from the Hearties.”

Krakow wrapped up the chat by expressing the love she has for both of her co-stars, and how happy she is to have them in her life, then took part in a fun rapid fire Q&A game with the guys. Find out who would rather go to a concert versus singing karaoke and so more in the full 49 minute video above!

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Video: Hallmark Channel/YouTube