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Now that the hearings are over, the big February sweeps plots can finally kick into high gear!

Thanks to breaking news, Days of Our Lives was the only soap to air a full week’s worth of episodes last week… and even it was bumped off the airwaves in many markets. So as we dive into a new week — and hopefully one without any preemptions — we thought it might be helpful to remind ourselves where things left off. Plus, as an added bonus, we’re going to give you a little taste of what to expect this week. Ready? Let’s do this!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy Liam Finn Collage HW

Where Things Left Off: Talk about a cliffhanger! When last we checked in with the residents of Los Angeles, everyone was waiting for the results of Steffy’s paternity test. While Finn vowed that he would stand beside Steffy no matter what the test results said, Hope and Liam’s future was very much up in the air. Although Liam told his wife he hoped the paternity test would prove he didn’t father Steffy’s child, Hope couldn’t guarantee that she’d stand by her man even if that proved to be the case. In other news, Carter — newly aware that would-be bride Zoe had been throwing herself at Zende — called off the wedding. Zoe tried pushing sis Paris out of Forrester Creations, even going so far as to draw up a resignation letter for her to sign. Paris, however, stood her ground, tearing the document to pieces!

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What’ll Happen Next: Brace yourselves, because this week, we’ll finally know who fathered Steffy’s baby. (Of course, that’s assuming that nobody switched the paternity test results… ) Meanwhile, Carter — who’s finally realized what was going on right in front of him — is going to call Zoe and Zende to the carpet. For more details on all this week’s action, check out the Bold & Beautiful spoilers.

Days of Our Lives

Ben and Ciara as Romeo & Juliet on Days of Our Lives

Where Things Left Off: The only soap to air every day last week, a whole lot happened in Salem. After having a romantic Romeo & Juliet inspired dream, Ciara managed to get her hands on Rhodes’ cellphone and call Ben. Steve and Kayla remarried. Eli and Lani got their babies back. Kate tricked Vivian into revealing she’d been faking her mental break. Charlie tried to kill mom Ava. Laura died during a fight with Gwen. Abigail moved back into the mansion. A fed-up Xander resigned from Titan.

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What’ll Happen Next: Xarah fans will be thrilled to hear that the couple will soon be heading for a wedding as Xander proposes. Meanwhile, Ben hopes Susan will be able to lead him to Ciara, and the walls close in on Charlie. For more on what to expect this week, check out the Days of Our Lives spoilers.

General Hospital

Valentin Peter screenshot

Where Things Left Off: Peter admitted to Valentin that he’d ordered Drew’s death. Ava tried making Nina see that Nelle was a bad egg. At the urging of “Mike” (aka an amnesia-suffering Sonny), Phyllis agreed to meet with Nina in Port Charles. A mystery person who may or may not have been All My Children‘s Dimitri — placed a letter and a USB into an envelope addressed to Peter. Carly and Jason planned Sonny’s funeral. Michael suggested that for safety’s sake, Willow should stay in the Quartermaine gatehouse. Finn ran a DNA test on himself to determine if he is Chase’s father or brother.

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What’ll Happen Next: Jax and Nina’s relationship is dealt another blow as she learns more about the night of Nelle’s death. Valentin, of course, sees this as another chance to get back into the good graces of his ex-wife. Jason and Sam cross paths but don’t count on their encounter being a reunion… especially as they individually share moments with Britt and Dante, respectfully. For more on what’s coming up and going down in Port Charles, check out the General Hospital spoilers.

The Young and the Restless

Summer, Kyle gala Young and Restless

Where Things Left Off: Theo swung by long enough to shock Kyle with news that his ex, Tara Locke, had a three-year-old child who looks an awful lot like him. Abby told her family that even with Chase gone on assignment, she was moving forward with their plans to have a baby using a sperm donor, her egg and Mariah as a surrogate. Billy and Lily told his son that they are a couple. Sally and Jack bonded. Elena agreed to go on a romantic getaway with Nate even as Amanda and Devon continued getting closer. Victoria kinda sorta apologized to Phyllis. Chelsea continued to internally fume at Sharon’s presence in her and Adam’s life.

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What’ll Happen Next: The Tara bombshell will only throw fuel on the fire that’s already raging between Sally and Summer. Tensions will rise between Sharon and Rey thanks to — who else? — Adam. And Elena’s about to go on an apology tour… but to whom is she expressing her regrets? For all the details, check out the Young & Restless spoilers. 

Now that you’re caught up on where things stand — and ready to dive into this week’s new episodes — what are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section, then check out the photo gallery below in which we look back on some of daytime’s most memorable weddings.