valentine's day 2022 mashup
Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin; Howard Wise, Jill Johnson/JPI; Thierry Charlier/AP

A Valentine’s Day gift to our readers filled with romance and love.

What would soap operas be without the couples that bring us sweet, sexy love, scandalous affairs, heartbreaking breakups — and makeups — and everything in between? As fans we all have our favorites and each couple has a story — some deeper than others but they’ve put their own stamp on daytime all the same.

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Often the ABC, CBS and NBC soaps highlight some of these couples on their social media pages, such as The Bold and the Beautiful did with Carter and Paris. Though they aren’t officially a couple, these two can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other — and finally got caught! “Walking in on your daughter kissing your other daughter’s ex-fiancé like…” Awkward indeed, but we can’t deny that their chemistry is smokin’ hot!
The soap also took notice of Finn and Steffy’s communication skills by using the hashtags: Sinn = marriage goals.

Days of Our Lives rang in the new year with photos of various Salemites sharing toasts, including couples Doug and Julie, and Ben and Ciara. Roman and Kate were highlighted as well, along with Paulina and Abe — during happier times, of course!

General Hospital posted a new shot of TJ and Molly and shared, “If Molly and TJ aren’t the definition of relationship goals, we don’t know who is.”

Michael and Willow, who have “been through the wringer together,” received a shoutout as well.

And Teriah fans weren’t the only ones excited when Tessa dropped down on one knee and proposed to Mariah. The Young and the Restless shared two beautiful photos of the popular characters and asked to join in with a “toast to Teriah” now that “these two are officially engaged.”

In the end, no matter what, we love to watch all of the ups and downs that our favorites face, so as a Valentine’s Day treat for you, we invite our readers to take a look at the gallery below featuring numerous photos of 30 soap couples and their love stories.