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There’s only one real answer in the Luis versus Antonio debate, right?

If there’s one thing McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) knows about her work on NBC’s Passions it is that the show was way ahead of its time. With the network recently launching a streaming platform, now seems like a good time to bring the soap and its zany storylines back to the airwaves.

“I wish that they would,” she enthuses. Of streaming the old episodes, she says, “that’s a no-brainer. If not that, I would love it if they brought the whole show back — age us, obviously — and show our lives. Sheridan, how many years now later? And Luis? Where is everybody now? But continuing the story and maybe having the show more based around their kids, like Marty, who is grown up now.”

While Sheridan’s storylines were relatively normal compared to the chaos usually unfolding in the town of Harmony, the actress does have some strong thoughts about her alter ego’s marriage to Antonio.

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“I think for my sake, and for the fans’ sake, she would have to be divorced from Antonio, I’m sorry to say. Or something happened to Antonio or he ran off or he went back to the Bahamas, I don’t know,” she laughs. “I don’t know where Luis would be. The show ended so weirdly, to be honest with you, for Sheridan and Luis in particular.” For Westmore, that means somehow bringing them back together and getting that “star-crossed lovers storyline to start up again.”



If anyone is curious if the former Face Off host would work Precious the Orangutan again, the mammal got a hearty endorsement from Westmore. On what other show would you get an orangutan playing a nurse — and one who tried to eat her shirt during a particularly dramatic scene? It’s an experience she will never forget, but she promises, “It was really cool to be doing stuff with an orangutan, I loved it.”

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