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One character’s gone too far, another is about to be pushed over the edge and a third has hit rock bottom! 

Stay up to date with the latest news from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless from January 25 – 29.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Since first the character was introduced, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Zoe has been on a strange trajectory. But recently, her actions have made her downright easy to hate. Just how far will she go before viewers declare “enough is enough!”

Kiara Barnes to The Price is Right Bold and Beautiful

In this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful column, Richard suspects Bill and Katie’s off-screen life these last few months might have been interesting, is both fascinated and creeped out by Zoe’s behavior and shares his belief that the show needs a major shake-up.

Days of Our Lives

Fans have a major hate-on for Gwen, and even the character herself seems to have a few regrets. Now, headwriter Ron Carlivati explains what drives the Brit and hints at how the plot could have gone in an entirely different direction.

Gwen drinks champagne while Chad's passed out in bed on Days of Our Lives

In the weekly Days of Our Lives column, Lori Wilson suggests Anna stop giving advice, takes issues with the remarks being made about Kate’s age, wishes the Charlie story would wrap up but appreciated Rafe having a laugh with Nicole.

General Hospital

General Hospital headwriters Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor offered their insights into Alexis hitting bottom and how she might claw her way back into the legal profession. They also why they love writing for Alexis, Ned and Olivia, and hint at where their tale might go next.

gh alexis rock bottom

Dustin doesn’t like the prospects for a story about Finn being Chase’s father and what this could do to their relationship, suspects that Alexis may have finally come to her senses after nearly killing Dante, and found that his head was spinning thanks to Peter’s latest ploy to control the narrative. Read all about it in in this week’s General Hospital column.

The Young and the Restless

Abby asking Mariah to serve as a surrogate for her and Chance has been the talk of Genoa City. Two of our editors have very different takes on Abby’s baby drama and how it should play out. Give their thoughts a read, then decide if you’re #TeamRichard or #TeamCandace.

YR Mariah Abby sit talk HW

  • With Chelsea being pushed to her breaking point, Melissa Claire Egan dishes on whether Sharon and Adam should start watching their backs!
  • Meanwhile, we suggest that the writers need to stop treating Adam and Sharon as endgame when they’ve repeatedly proven that simply can’t be.
  • As Bold & Beautiful’s Don Diamont prepares to cross over to Young & Restless with his character Bill Spencer, we take a look at some of the past occasions on which these two shows have shared characters.

Finally, Candace has a few issues with the way Elena’s infidelities are playing out, appreciates how much Chelsea’s thoughts are fleshing out her recovery story and is already annoyed by the surrogacy plot and explains why in this week’s The Young and the Restless column.

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  • Jack is forced to swallow some hard truths and someone is choking on poison in the Days of Our Lives weekly spoiler video.
  • Nikki is eager to get to the bottom of her daughter’s real feelings for Billy, and it may be time for Elena to choose between two men in the latest Young and the Restless video spoilers.

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