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RSVP yes to a countdown of the greatest nuptials in the history of daytime television.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join you and our list of soapdom’s most memorable weddings in holy… um… readermony? In any case, what you will find at the bottom of this article is a photo gallery comprised of 35 “I dos” that are unlikely to ever be outdone.

What, you were expecting canapé and champagne? Wait for the reception. Sheesh.

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Putting together the countdown, we don’t mind telling you, was as tricky a proposition as making a seating chart for an actual wedding. How could we decide whether the jungle ceremony that The Bold and the Beautiful gave Ridge and Brooke was better than the overseas celebration that made Days of Our Lives’ Bo and Hope husband and Fancy Face? How could we say that the wedding of The Young and the Restless’ Devon and Hilary was superior to that of Sharon and Nick?

And, for heaven’s sake, how were we supposed to pick just one of the ceremonies that General Hospital has staged for Carly and Sonny?!?

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Anyway, you can understand why what began as a Top 10 list wound up becoming a Top 35. And even as long a list as it is, it still pains us to think of the “I do” to-dos that we left off.

But you’ll see what we mean when you dive in. Whether you’re sitting on the bride’s side of the internet or the groom’s, let’s not, ahem, stand on ceremony. Just click on the photo gallery below, and let the memories flood over you. And when you’re done, be sure to come back to this page to let us know which couples’ nuptials should’ve crashed this countdown.