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There’s big things going down in the week coming up, and here’s what we’re most stoked to see! 

We’re inching ever-closer to February sweeps, which is when soaps break out all their biggest plots in an effort to bring in as many viewers as possible. While the official start is still a few weeks away, you can already feel the shows ramping up. After perusing this week’s spoilers for all four soaps, here’s the moments we’re most looking forward to… and when, exactly, they’ll play out.

Gwen’s Agenda is Revealed

Abby confronts Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Gwen has been tormenting Days of Our Lives‘ Abigail, Chad, Jack and Jennifer for months now. Say what you will about the troublemaker, but she’s managed to successfully drive a wedge between both couples (although it must drive her bonkers that Jack and his wife managed to reunite!) Although we’ve gotten little tidbits of info here and there about Gwen’s true motives — and offered up our educated guess as to why she’s been so awful to the clan — it looks like we’ll finally get the full story this week. Because on Friday, January 22, Gwen is going to share her origin story with Jack and Jennifer. (What will be truly interesting is to see if what she tells them will match the intel Chad receives from Rolf, who shares with Stefano’s son everything he knows about the manipulative minx!)

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Zoe Gets A Shock

bold beautiful zende zoe showroom

If there’s a word we aren’t likely to ever use to describe The Bold and the Beautiful’s Zoe, it would have to be “subtle.” How Carter hasn’t managed to notice that her eyes turn into little heart emojis whenever Zende walks into the room, we’ll never know. (Maybe the poor guy thinks he’s inspiring her to swoon, what with them being engaged and all.) But since finding out that sis Paris smooched the young designer, Zoe’s been forced to not only confront her own feelings but question whether perhaps Zende feels the same. Things could change for everyone involved when on Friday, January 22, Zoe finds out about that text Zende tried to send her on the night she accepted Carter’s proposal. Sounds like Carter could soon be checking into Heartbreak Hotel!

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Willow’s Big Decision

GH Willow Michael Chase screenshot

We want to feel bad for General Hospital‘s Willow. Honestly, we do. After all, the poor girl has been dealing with her feelings for two different men and as far as she’s concerned, the struggle is real. But geez, we should all be so lucky as to have both a sexy rich dude and a sexy upstanding dude, neither of whom has any particularly bad attributes, fighting for our hand! Sure, she would never have gotten together with Michael had it not been for Wiley. But since tying the knot, their marriage of convenience has gotten significantly less so thanks to those pesky feelings bubbling up. Then there’s Chase, who loves Willow so much he was willing to sacrifice his own happiness if it meant she could help raise the child she loves like her own. Touch choice, right? While we’re not sure how she’s going to make it — flip a coin, maybe? — make it she does on Friday, January 22.

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Summer Finds a Source

YR summer kyle office HW

It’s a good thing Young & Restless‘ Summer and Kyle don’t have anything important to do back in Genoa City, because they’re busy soaking up the California sun while trying to get the dirt on Sally. So far, Summer hasn’t made a whole lot of progress where her efforts are concerned, but on Friday, January 22, she just might strike paydirt when she has a chance to chat with Flo. Wyatt may have taken the high road regarding his past with Sally, but it seems like a safe bet that Flo might not feel quite so generous where the woman who kidnapped her and tried to make a baby with him. The two big questions? Will Flo spill the Sally tea and if she does… what, exactly, will Summer do with the info?

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Wyatt Reads Liam for Filth

BB Liam Wyatt office HW

Go ahead, call us petty. But after the way Bold & Beautiful‘s Liam treated both Steffy and Hope, we’re taking an extraordinary amount of pleasure in watching him suffer. And OK, sure, Wyatt may not be the best person to trash talk his brother given how casually (and routinely) he trades one woman for another… but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. So when on Friday, January 22, Wyatt takes it upon himself to read his brother the riot act, you can bet we’ll be tuning in for it. With popcorn.

What sudsy moment are you most looking forward to this week? Share your thoughts in the comments and then, while waiting for them to unfold, join us in remembering one of our all-time favorite daytime characters, Bold & Beautiful‘s original Sally Spectra, whom we celebrate in the photo gallery below.