did my soap air collage
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI; Jill Johnson/JPI; ABC screenshot; CBS screenshot

What you saw Wednesday may have depended on where you lived. 

Thanks to the impeachment hearings which took over the airwaves for much of Wednesday afternoon, many viewers hoping for a soapy escape found themselves up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Or at least that was the case until we came along to provide not only a paddle but an update on which shows aired, which were pre-empted as well as what you might have missed and what will happen on Thursday’s regularly-scheduled episodes!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Despite the fact that some parts of the country didn’t see the episode, it wasn’t nationally pre-empted. It was, however, a big day in Los Angeles, where Liam finally told Hope that his and Steffy’s one-night stand might have left her pregnant. As Hope reeled from that info, Steffy was sharing the same news with Finn and wondering if they might have a future despite this twist. Meanwhile, a fed-up Paris wanted to know exactly why her sister was so against her taking the job at Forrester Creations or getting closer to Zende. Want all the details? Check out the full recap of today’s episode.

On Thursday’s Bold & Beautiful, Finn and Liam will come face to face for the first time since Steffy’s confession, and Brooke finds out what’s been going on in her daughter’s life. Want to know more about what’s ahead? Check out the Bold & Beautiful spoiler page.

Days of Our Lives

Val tries to calm down Lani on Days of Our Lives

Most of the country did not get today’s episode due to the hearings, but NBC’s lone sudser did air in some markets. So what went down in Salem? Abigail got more information from her parents about Gwen and realized the nanny was up to no good. Chad told Kate he’d slept with Gwen, and she advised him to tell Abigail before Gwen could. Unfortunately, when Abigail called her unwanted houseguest out, Gwen revealed she and Chad had slept together. As Eli and Lani tried to figure out who might have their babies, the person for whom Raynor had done the deed showed up on her doorstep. For all the details, read today’s full recap.

On Thursday’s episode, Chad tries talking his way out of trouble, but Abigail isn’t all that interested in what he has to say. Meanwhile, a clue about the kidnapper points Eli and Lani in a new direction. Want more Days of Our Lives spoilers? You’ve come to the right place! 

General Hospital

Sasha confronts Cyrus on GH

Unlike the other soaps, General Hospital was nationally pre-empted today, meaning you didn’t miss a bit of the Port Charles action. When things resume on Thursday, Brick and Jason put their heads together as they try and figure out how to move forward without Sonny. Meanwhile, Sasha makes what could be a very bad decision when it comes Cyrus, Olivia turns to a rather unlikely source for help and Alexis — poor, poor Alexis — is given a painful reminder of the past. Want more details about what’s coming up? Head to the General Hospital spoiler page.

The Young and the Restless

Although pre-empted in some parts of the country, others did get to see what unfolded in Genoa City on Wednesday. The highlights? Sharon and Rey came home from their honeymoon and were caught up on recent events. After overhearing her parents debating whether she might need therapy, Faith reached out to Jordan. Lily and Billy discussed his bad boy past and how it might impact their future. And after telling Devon about her encounter with Naya and Imani, Amanda got an unpleasant surprise. For a full recounting of the episode, check out today’s recap.

On Thursday’s episode, Devon surprises Nate, Abby confides in Victoria and Adam is there when Sharon needs a confidant. (That should go over great with Faith, doncha think?) For more details, check out our complete Young & Restless spoiler page.