1-4-21 spoilers for bold and beautiful days of our lives general hospital young and restless
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As some are eagerly digging for details, others are already appalled by what they’ve learned and ready to take action.

Here is a look at what’s on the way for the week of January 4 – 8 with spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless, plus Days and General Hospital spoilers from January 11 – 15.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Following much debate, rumination, back and forth, soul-searching, head-scratching, and pondering about what doing something good really means and for who, Liam and Steffy decide that they are going to do the right thing, at least for someone. But their plan quickly goes sideways. After hearing Finn’s plans for their future, Steffy starts to have some serious second thoughts and tries to prevent Liam from telling all to Hope. Unfortunately, some uncomfortable facts are already coming to light. Thomas is mortified when he learns of what Liam had walked in on. Could all the time that he has been spending in Hope’s company do even more to drive him away from recovery? How badly could his slipping over the edge again affect those around him? Meanwhile, Zende isn’t thrilled when he discovers that Zoe has pushed her sister out of Forrester Creations. Look for Paris to cause some serious friction in her sister’s private life. Read The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to find out how Carter reacts to Paris’ plans.

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Days of Our Lives

It’s dawning on Allie that something is seriously askew with Charlie after they have a disturbing interaction. She is not quite as horrified as his mother no doubt feels after he reveals what he’s planning to do to her. Meanwhile, John and Steve continue digging for information so that they can finally get to the bottom of things and what they find leaves them terrified. The same can be said of Rafe when he pays a visit to Charlie’s apartment. Across Salem, Abigail is appalled by the way that Gwen has been tearing apart her family and lashes out at her. Things aren’t a great deal more comfortable over at the Kiriakis residence. Philip is feeling the pressure for Chloe. The diva just wants to help him out before it’s too late. They better act fast since Xander is honing in on what he needs to blow Philip out of the water. Brady better be watching his back too, if for very different reasons. Kristen has found a picture of him kissing Chloe and wants answers. Read the Days of Our Lives spoilers to discover who has gone missing.

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General Hospital

While Cyrus is occupied fighting with Jason, Laura tries probing into the true nature of Martin’s relationship with his dangerous brother. If what she finds out isn’t already enough to disturb her, the news that she gets about Ryan certainly is. As she’s recovering from the shock, Cyrus is looking for a way to neutralize the problem that’s been nagging him. Ava is in for a shock when she gets news about Julian. Having a run-in with Alexis will no doubt make this worse. The disgraced lawyer runs off to Jordan to complain about her ongoing legal woes. Meanwhile, Jax isn’t sure how to react after Nina gives him some advice he wasn’t expecting. She’s too distracted by Valentin making overtures to her to notice Jasper’s confession. Valentin also makes a surprising promise to Martin while Jax is desperate to get information out of Carly. Anna is eager to get more details from Dante about what happened when he was recovering at the WSB facilities and is appalled to hear about the treatment that Franco has been getting. Jordan is getting shoddy treatment from Portia. After she’s lectured by the doctor, Jordan refuses to offer Cyrus the help he needs and makes a call to Jason. Across Port Charles, Sasha is getting plenty of help from Michael but Sam sure isn’t getting any from Peter, who lashes out, sending Sam off to bond with Dante. Check out our General Hospital spoilers to learn who turns to Finn for advice.

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The Young and the Restless

Now that she’s tied the knot with Rey, it’s about time that Sharon cuts all ties with Adam, who is losing it after learning of Chelsea’s condition. As Chelsea is desperate for a way to cope with her situation, Adam is eager to hurl all of the blame on Billy. The Abbott is distracted from all of this Newman hatred by his less-than-friendly feud with a member of his own family. Billy is leaping ahead with his plan to rip off Kyle, and all the tension is starting to give Lily second thoughts about mixing her professional and personal lives. Kyle is keen to protect his interests and the same can be said for Summer. Like Billy, none of them seem to care much about who is going to get hurt in the process. Meanwhile, Jack feels increasingly protective of Sally after he gets a fairly selective history of her hard life. While he is looking to give her some comfort in Genoa City, Devon is there for Amanda as she is forced to live with some difficult truths. No doubt, Devon’s ex isn’t going to make things any easier. Elena is having a far from easy time of it herself, and Nate is caught in the crossfire. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to find out who gives Phyllis what she needs to tear into Victoria.

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