Credit: Matt calls Miguel a "regressive move for Kay." Do you agree?

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Our loyal readers tell that they enjoy listening to our opinions almost as much as they like giving theirs! We selected three reader emails to answer here, in our ‘Latest News’ section. Beware, we’re not shy about giving our opinion!

You’ll be reading emails from General Hospital, Guiding Light and Passions.


Jill M. writes, “Luke Spencer is a real hoot!I love his character. Poor Alan, he has been around forever. He will be missed. However, Spinnelli will entertain us for a while. After all, it’s not all about looks all the time. Like Sir Sonny Hubba Hubba!”

Julie Clarke Robinson (Editor GH and B&B) writes, “Hey Jill, you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the GH men! I think that Spinelli has all the makings of a young Luke – Not about the looks, but it’s the quirky personality that becomes attractive over time! Personally, I like Jax, too. He needs to get a woman who doesn’t take him for a ride for a change.”

Joan H in Virginia writes, “I am a fan of Stuart Damon, Anthony Geary, Rachel Ames, Jacklyn Zeman, Genie Frances, Tristan Rogers, and Jane Elliot. They make General Hospital. We all grew up together. Good job to all my favorites and much success, you’re the best!”

Julie Clarke Robinson (Editor GH and B&B) writes, “I grew up with these actors, too. Watching them grow older makes me realize that Im not the spring chicken that I used to be either! I had a great talk with Jackie Z not long ago about the benefit of mature storylines and how invested we all have become with these characters over the years. I’d love to see her get a romantic storyline and bring back some brownstone action!

MaryAnn S. writes, “Why would you kill of Alan? I think that is the worst thing you could do!”

Julie Clarke Robinson (Editor GH and B&B) writes, “I know, it’s heartbreaking to see him go. I can think of a few other characters that they could have trimmed if the budget were the issue. There were still so many directions that they could have taken him in. I’m just hoping that the writers utilize the other vets while they still have the privilege of having them!


Carol P. writes, “I was very disappointed in watching your GL 70th Anniversary Show. I would have thought you would have had more of the old clips of the original actors instead of having current cast play the parts. I have to admit that I fast-forwarded through most of your show. I also fast-forward most of each Wednesday’s shows. I find them to be “silly” and boring at times. Would love you take away the Wednesday show.”

Matt Purvis, (Editor GL and Passions) writes, “It was a difficult task to try and deal with 70 years of TV history in one hour. Personally, I think that they did a great and very creative job. If you are hungering to see clips from the old days, check the wonderful GLs Greatest Moments clips featured on the official CBS site. People often comment on the Wednesday In the Light episodes and often comment negatively. They were created so that a specific actor would get to show off their talents. Sometimes theyre great and innovative, sometimes theyre a bit of a drag, but they are just one more thing that proves GL is still unafraid of trying new things despite being the oldest soap in the world.”

Terry J. writes, “Do the writers check their info??? I put up with Marina sleeping with Alan-Michael who was at one time thought to be her father…. but now you have Marina older than Daisy who was actually born 3-5 years before? Please recheck your facts, thank you.”

Matt Purvis, (Editor GL and Passions) writes, “Youre right. Daisy should be twenty now and shes been aged down to seventeen while Marina has been aged a few years older than she should be. The writers know exactly how old the characters are; it just doesnt matter to them. Characters are frequently aged down or up to suit a storyline. They call is SORAS and soaps have been doing it for a long time. If only real life were like that…”


Betty L. writes, “I really love Passions. It is entertaining and refreshing. It makes you laugh, wonder and keeps you off your feet. Why are they going to cancel it? Is there any way to save it?”

Matt Purvis, (Editor GL and Passions) writes, “I love Passions too. Its truly unique and sometimes utterly hilarious. The central reason why NBC is canceling the show is that they are seeking to get out of the soap business and Passions contract was up. DOOL is set to follow in two years when their contract is up. While Passions ratings were never high, they have actually risen somewhat and are as high, or higher, now than theyve ever been. Ironically, NBC actually issued a press release stating this on the day they announced the cancellation. If youre interested in raising your voice to try and save the show, please visit this link and our messageboard to find places to add your voice. The show may still live on in some way somewhere.”