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We’ve got the 4-1-1 on which soap towns will be serving up the drama.

February sweeps is when some of the most dramatic twists take place where our favorite soaps are concerned. Thanks to teasers, spoilers and our interviews with the headwriters who create the stories which keep us tuning in, we know that this month will include big doings at a double-wedding on General Hospital, a secret from the past blowing up Kyle’s future on The Young and the Restless, Sami’s return to Days of Our Lives and the much buzzed-about paternity test results on The Bold and the Beautiful.

But as we all know, a real-life drama is brewing as well, with the impeachment hearings which are taking place in Washington, D.C. creating a bit of havoc where the soap schedule is concerned.

Never fear, however, as we’ll keep you updated on which shows are airing and which are pre-empted, as well as providing you with recaps to the episodes you might have missed!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Thanks to the hearings, the episode scheduled to air on Tuesday, February 9, did not air. As this was a national pre-emption, the episode will instead air in its entirety on Wednesday, February 10. So it looks like we’ll have to keep waiting to find out whether Liam or Finn turns out to be the father of Steffy’s baby.

Of course, that’s assuming the paternity tests aren’t messed with. Who would do such a thing? Oh, do we have a wide range of suspects!

finn kisses steffy B&B

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Days of Our Lives

Whether or not you got to see the Tuesday, February 9th episode of Days of Our Lives depends largely on where you lived. In some parts of the country, the episode aired all but the final scenes. In other areas, the entire episode was pre-empted.

Because the episode was not national pre-empted, it will not be re-aired on Wednesday. However, never fear, we’ve got you covered with our recap… and it was a doozy! Read on to hear about Xander’s big decision, Kristen’s latest plot and Gwen’s big confrontation with Laura.

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General Hospital

The bad news: Folks hoping to get their Tuesday General Hospital fix instead got coverage of the hearings. The good news: The episode originally scheduled to air on February 9th has been bumped in its entirety, meaning you won’t actually miss a thing. But should you need to catch up, here’s a recap of the episode which aired on Monday, February 8, in which Peter made the kind of shocking confession that would seem to indicate he might finally have to pay for his sins!

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The Young and the Restless

Monday’s episode left us with a heck of a cliffhanger, what with Kyle about to fill Summer in on that whole “I may have fathered a married woman’s child” thing! Unfortunately, the episode slated to air on Tuesday, February 9, wound up being pre-empted. On the plus side, hearings aside, we should pick the action up where it left off when things resume as scheduled on Wednesday, February 10.

Kyle, Summer bicker Y&R

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Since you might have a little bit of extra time on your hand, what with the above-mentioned pre-emptions, why not take a look at the below photo gallery in which we introduce you to some of the amazing moms of your favorite stars!