12-14-20 spoilers for bold and beautiful days of our lives general hospital young and restless
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As disturbing information comes to light, some people get guidance even if they aren’t looking for it.

Take a gander at what’s in stock for the week of December 14 – 18 with spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless, plus Days and General Hospital spoilers from December 21 – 25.

But first, read the very personal story of As The World Turns alum Marnie Schulenburg (Alison) who — in her own heartbreaking, humorous and beautiful way — shares her journey as a new mom and cancer patient.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Despite the latest upset in their lives, Steffy and Liam seem intent on continuing a relationship after they admit they love each other. As Thomas recuperates, he makes a very different kind of confession to Ridge. The fashion designer has to digest the disturbing recent misadventures of his son. However, unclear the way ahead may be, at least Ridge is happy that Hope seems determined to try and help Thomas through his hard times. Finn’s reaction is more mixed when Hope tells him about Thomas’ condition. While hardly as potentially grim as all of this is, there is still a romantic bummer as Paris ruins a moment for Zoe and Zende. Read the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to find out who senses Steffy is headed for more trouble.

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Days of Our Lives

Thanks in part to Ava, Steve and Kayla manage to finally bring Joey back from prison. But things are far from comfortable in the family. Steve warns Tripp how much trouble his mother can make, whether for herself or anyone who crosses her path. Pretty soon, Vitali is back in danger. After Allie and Steve have a discussion about her assault, Rafe shows up with some good news. Meanwhile, Chloe is not spreading happy news as she makes some admissions to Brady about Philip. Victor doesn’t need anyone to tell him about the underhanded activities Philip has been getting up to. Across Salem, Jennifer still can’t shake her suspicions about Jack and Julie decides to help her discover if the unkillable man and Kate are continuing their affair. If there wasn’t already enough misery and paranoia going around, Gwen still has plenty of fuel to throw on the fire. Read the Days of Our Lives spoilers to discover who has a special gift for Kristen.

General Hospital

Although he’s prone to making them, Sonny’s latest threat to Julian seems more urgent than usual. The Jerome is still desperate to escape before he can be bumped off. Since his sister is not likely to be any help and he’s burned his bridges with everyone else, he turns to a stranger for assistance. Meanwhile, Ava tries to show some support to Trina, who heads to the PCPD with her suspicions. Jason is trying to make Sonny’s Christmas wishes come true. He calls Brick for some help to lay the groundwork for Sonny to position himself just where he wants. Over at the hospital, Cyrus is going on the offensive and uses Britt to help him with his latest scheme. She catches Nikolas doing something that he likely shouldn’t be. The same can be said for Laura who puts herself in more danger than usual. Will Curtis fare any better after he goes undercover and comes out feeling betrayed? The PI likely wishes he could be a fly on the wall to hear the story Martin tells Valentin. Soon after, the lawyer is stumbling on some information that he didn’t see coming and is questioning what Cyrus is really up to. Check out our General Hospital spoilers to learn what has Obrecht intrigued.

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The Young and the Restless

As Sharon and Rey drive ahead with their plan to tie the knot, recent newlyweds Chance and Abby may be feeling like the bond is a bit tight. Nina surprises them and seems intent on getting closer to her new daughter-in-law. As Abby copes with close quarters, Theo manages to put the lingering discomfort that he and Summer share behind them to give her a warning about Sally. Meanwhile, Sally is getting a warning of her own, only from Jack, who decides that she is in need of a few of his hard-won words of wisdom. If Sally may be skeptical of whatever the Abbott says to her, Phyllis probably should be trusting Nick. Unfortunately, she finds a reason to doubt his motives. As Victor is trying to keep a lid on his son, Adam, Nikki manages to blow her top at him and refuses to back down where the most troublesome Newman is concerned. And while it looked like Billy’s problems could be going away for a moment, that time already seems to be passing. Amanda has some serious questions for Lily about her feelings for Billy. Lily might be questioning them herself after what she accidentally uncovers while trying to find proof of his innocence. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to find out whose career is in jeopardy.

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